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    Muskets: 25,606
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    Just scored! Offense in gear!
    9:01 to go!
    On side kick?!!!
    Puts them at our 43.
    We hold them but lose field position back to 3 ?
    Game over!
    This decision put the defense at a disadvantage
    First, and the offense worse with an inexperienced
    QB having to go 97 yards instead of trying to put
    them at a field disadvantage and give a defense
    a chance to turn the field and help the offense!
    One of the worst decisions of the year!
    OK media!
    Whose decision was it?

    Kevin Kinder
    Kevin Kinder
    Muskets: 8,975

    It was Dana’s decision. WVU had located a gap in Texas’ front line, and Dana said WVU verified it in two previous kickoffs.

    (His statement of calling it a “surpise” kick and not an “onside” kick was a little strange, IMO.)

    As you say, it flipped the field, and one possession later it ended the game.

    One on hand, I get trying to regain the initiative, but given the QB situation, I don’t get it either. WVU’s defense, which had a bad couple of series, and steadied itself at that point, and I think the odds were better with kicking it away.

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    Put me on the “I don’t get it side.” It was dumb. Period.

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    Given the circumstances it was a good call. If we recover we have a scoring chance. Our D couldnt hold them. We needed as many O chances as.we could get.

    Greg Hunter
    Greg Hunter
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    Dana can call it whatever he wants, but it was an onside kick, and I agree it was a poor decision at that time. Kick it away and play defense. I’ll admit to being undefeated as a Monday Morning coach, but I didn’t like that onside/surprise attempt.


    Muskets: 25,606
    Rank: Heisman Winner

    Still convinced it was moronic!
    We held them and made them kick after 3 and out!
    Thanks again , defense! Who knows what might have
    happened had we kicked and held down field? Rather
    than 97 maybe it would have been 50 or even 60 allowing
    us to open up the playbook as opposed to what we could
    do from the 3! Plus, Texas would probably have played
    meven more cautious than they did at our 43 where we
    made them kick! Plus them punting from deep in there own
    territory gave us the option of ab all out rush to block
    the punt which we wouldn’t have had at our 43! Plus they
    would have needed full protect on the punt giving us
    another good run back possibility!


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    Dumbest decision since Bobby Bowden punted into the stands.

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