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    Changes Needed For WVU Lineup? MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — It’s time for Bob Huggins to make changes. This won’t be easy for the veteran coach, who is on his
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    Bob nailed something I was working on for the magazine. Coaches can’t panic if things go wrong in the short term, but at some point, if a coach truly thinks he can’t trust a guy, then why play him?

    I understand there’s a huge tradeoff here, and it’s one we debate no matter what the sport. Play the more athletic guy that can cover more ground and make more plays, but is fundamentally or tactically unsound, or play the guy that’s always in the right position and does the right thing, but can’t make as many plays in different areas or jump over someone because he’s not athletically skilled.

    For a football example of the former: Xavier Preston.

    Do you make a change in WVU’s starting lineup, or perhaps more importantly, in playing time in the 2H?


    I’m not sure what his options are. Maybe Beetle for Harris? Go small and see how that works? Have Carter give up the rock before he gets double teamed and hope Miles and Bolden can distribute better than Harris and West do? Esa has done nothing to earn it, but the best offensive group might be JC, Miles, Bolden, Esa and Sags. He first time Miles jacks up and three, pull him out and put West or Allen or even Harler in. Harris can give Esa rests, and Bender and Routt can sub for Sags intermittently to try and save Sags for crunch time.


    I see the biggest problem on D. We just leave the shooters open all the time. Their G’s drive the lane and our wings leave their man to help, the kick out is to the open guy in the corner and THREEEEEEEEE. Happens way too often. It’s happened for years. We lost to Pitt years ago with a last second 3 on the same stupid D play. Let Sags help in the paint. Let the other G’s collapse. Don’t ever leave Knox open in the corner. Our D just isn’t disciplined enough to let other guys do their jobs.

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