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    formally applied to the Big 12 for admission. Reports indicate that the incoming schools will not get equal revenue shares in their early years of membership, just like WVU and TCU did not.


    If they aren’t immediately accepted there is something wrong.


    Now.het Memphis and another school not named BYU.


    Houston and BYU are in, period.   I like Memphis IF going to 14 doesn’t cut our revenue shares.  If we add Memphis then we need one more to get to 14, and I find it interesting that USF just announced it is building a brand new on campus stadium…..a commitment to the future of that magnitude might make them more attractive.


    I’d love a Carolina presence just to mess with the ACC but there aren’t really any good options. ECU, CCU, Charlotte… nah. Only true options are USF, Memphis, SMU and Boise. Regional divisions would split out well. Not sure the $$$$ works in any scenario though.


    Good news, I think.


    This is good news.  For the foreseeable future we are going to be okay.  We don’t have to beg the elitists in the ACC to have mercy on us, and the new Big 12 remains a P5 conference.  Now I would love to have at least 5 years or so of stability so we can focus on what is happening on the field instead of this realignment ugliness


    Mex, i really like coastal. Add them and Memphis to get to 14.


    Kevin didn’t we have to go multiple years before we got so called equal shares???


    I believe WVU received reduced revenue shares over 4 years because we were paying the conference back for assisting us with our Big East exit fees.


    I could be wrong of course but I think conference realignment is over until about 2036 when the ACC contract is about to expire. At that time I speculate that the SEC will raid the ACC for Clemson, FSU, Miami, and either GT or VT (I believe it would be VT)  Then it’s highly likely that the B1G takes 2 schools they do actually value in UNC, and UVA….maybe they take Duke or some other… any case at this point WVU could get that ACC invitation, but would it be worth anything at all?  The possibility of this scenario is why I think the Big 12 should NOT expand over 12 schools… 2036 the Big 12 might be in position to invite the best leftovers from the old ACC…..GT? VT? NCSU?


    Kevin didn’t we have to go multiple years before we got so called equal shares???

    Correct. WVU got a 50% share of a full payout in 2013, 67% in 2014, 85% in 2015 and then rose to a full share in 2016.

    WVU did get a $10 million loan from the Big 12 to help pay the Big East buyout, but only had to pay back half of that starting in 2016. The limited revenue shares of the first four years were a separate thing and not related to that loan.

    I’ve heard a couple of different scenarios for BYU/Hou/Cin/UCF, but would expect it to run through at least the current GOR, which ends at the end of the 2025 academic year.



    Why do you want Coastal?


    The issue is what it is… the conference won’t have a nationally prominent program to carry it. And from what I can see only OKST would have an opportunity to become that program assuming Oklahoma gets swallowed into the black hole that is the SEC and falls into mediocrity this allowing OKST the ability to offer kids a better shot at the playoffs/national title opportunity.

    It is simply not a good scenario to have a conference without a couple of bell cows.


    I hope Del is right.   What college sports need right now is stability.  The anger and distrust generated by what OU and Texas (and the SEC and possibly ESPN) did is not good for college sports.  I read an article somewhere that suggested that major college football needs a commissioner.  It would probably be in the best interests of the P5 conferences to have a commissioner whose job is to look out for the interests of ALL the schools in these conferences.  It’s an idea worth considering.  More distrust, anger, treachery, and knives in backs in this war of all against all are something I hope never to see again in my lifetime.  Stability and an emphasis on integrity are what I’m hoping for now that this ugly period of time appears to be coming to an end.


    i wish the little 12 would get teams from the west coast so WVU gets to travel alllll theee wayyy across the entire country. i’m sure…and all the other teams(student athletes) would love that…NOT.


    Why Coastal?  They are one of the up and coming teams and give us a presence in Carolina’s.  Ended 2021 at #12.  Beat Kansas 38-23 and BYU 22-17.   YES…. BYU…… The same BYU that most here think is the best FB program available.

    This year after wk 1 they are ranked #17.  Playing Kansas tonight.  Beat them the last 2 years.

    Competetive BB program.  Do I need to remind you that they beat WVU in the 2019 CBI 109-91.  One of the worst L’s in WVU history.

    Excellent Bastball.  Won the College World Series in 2016.



    Okay, Dawg, so what would you like WVU to do exactly? It’s easy to be sarcastic but difficult to find solutions.  Other than adding these 4 teams, what else could the Jilted 8 do?


    Also, things are leaning toward a divisional setup which will help with travel somewhat, as not all the Olympic sports would make trips to every other league foe every year.

    Say WVU is in with Cincinnati, UCF, Iowa State and .. the two Kansases? (Guessing those two would be in same division to promote rivalry). Then 3-4 games against other division in football, and in other sports just one game instead of hoe and homes (that really only applies to basketballs and volleyball and baseball). Everything else is meet based.

    Also, volleyball is keeping with the two matches per weekend at one location, so road trips in conference are cut in half each year.

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