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    I hope Gee uses his trump card to get us out of this, it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t add byu.


    So unofficial reports that the new Big 12 tv contract could fetch somewhere in the neighborhood of apprx $35 million per school. About what I expected.

    Also, there are rumblings that the ultimate goal for the Big 12 is to get to 16, but they didn’t want to add eight teams all at once. Look for UCF, Cin, BYU, Houston addition first and then a few years later, four more teams.


    This is gleaned from what ISU athletic director said in an interview, plus the interviews by the 365 guys on Youtube. They are affiliated with Baylor.

    ISU AD, who I respect immensely, is jacked about new conference and alignment. Said in a few years, people will look back and think what a brilliant move this expansion was. Expects new Big 12 to be ahead of Pac 12 in respect, despite the presence of marquee teams such as USC, UCLA, and Oregon.


    I hope Gee uses his trump card to get us out of this,

    What trump card is that? His power as WVU president? And what would it accomplish?


    Playoff expansion vote


    More like his veto power


    So we end up at 35 million plus our tier 3 (is that still 7 or so per year?)

    what was the last payout? 40+????


    I honestly believe the Big 12 should hold at 12 for a long time.  In 2036 the ACC media contract expires….the SEC will take Clemson, and FSU….and I think 2 other schools….I don’t think the SEC wants GT or a 3rd Florida school (Miami)… I think the SEC grabs VT and NCSU for new terriritory.  After the SEC raid the B1G will grab UNC and UVA… they also take Duke and Georgia Tech?    Potentially after the B1G and SEC take their fill the remaining ACC schools would be desperate for a landing spot…….Miami, Louisville, Pitt, Syracuse, Boston College…..I don’t know if anyone wants Wake Forest.  But the point is I would hate to have the Big 12 filled with Boise, Colorado State, Tulane, and USF with no room to add the ACC remnants.


    IMO, the B-12 has been good for WVU. and worse things could have happened to the Mountaineers then remain in the conference with four new schools.

    IMO, this line up benefits the Mountaineers in lower travel costs. And if the conference adds two more schools, including Memphis, the Mountaineers’ travel costs would be further reduced.

    Although being in the ACC would have allowed the Mountaineers to play more of their long time opponents, I think the B-12 will be every bit as good of a conference as the ACC.


    My thoughts are that if the B-12 doesn’t jump to have at least 14 schools, those schools may not be available when the B-12 wants them.

    IMO, two schools, including Memphis should be invited after the four schools have completed all paperwork. Those two schools should be in place and invited to participate in 2024.

    I think having fourteen schools would benefit the B-12 in contract talks. I haven’t counted, but suspect that there will be a few million more eyes on the TV than will be there now.


    Del, IMO, if the B-10 and SEC adds that many schools, conferences will have gone to 18 or 20 schools. If the B-12 went to fourteen, there would be plenty of room to add those schools.

    But, I think that if the ACC lost those schools, the conference will be doing what the B-12 is doing, that is to add the best schools they can. And, like the B-12, they won’t have the power to poach P-5 schools.

    IMO, to stop the ACC, if as is being mentioned the B-10 wants VA and North Carolina, and the SEC wants Clemson and FSU, the best thing the B-12 can do is to make the conference as strong as possible. Make it strong enough to keep B-12 schools from leaving to join a watered down ACC.


    The renegotiated tv rights contracts obviously would not occur until after current GOR expires. So any monetary figure attached to a future contract is purely conjecture at this time.

    The $35 million is just somebody’s best educated guess based on the current climate.


    There is also some conjecture that when new contracts are renegotiated, some Pac12 teams might be interested in jumping ship (Arizona and Arizona State are associated with this rumor).

    So, conceivably, the next four might/could be: Boise State, Memphis, Ariz, Ariz State.

    The things holding the Pac12 back (late night game starts, irrelevance to East coast fans/voters, etc) could be a driving force to push teams to explore other options. Especially if a new Big 12 tv rights contract is more than what Pac12 will receive.


    Wow.  Arizona, Arizona State, Boise, and Memphis.  Intriguing.


    Arizona and Arizona State will not be leaving the PAC,  and the networks and whatever streamers if any will most likely not pay hardly anything at all for a watered down Big12.


    Eugene,i agree with you about adding more to make B12 stronger. Great point about ACC.
    To me Memphis should be a lock. Still skeptical about more West teams bit AZ & AZSt are interesting. Would like to see more teams in the east/south. Not interested in Boise.


    Well the good news is this.  WVU is going to be okay.  A few weeks ago I was not sure about that.  Adding these four schools was the right thing to do, and I for one am feeling optimistic again about our future.  And I think if anyone needs to be a little apprehensive, it’s the ACC.


    I can tell you living in Arizona those 2 state schools ain’t leaving the PAC. For one their travel expenses would increase exponentially. Travel to California for those schools isn’t close to their costs having close to half their game flying to Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and possibly at least 1 East Coast run. You will not get all your games in your division. The Big12 is also going to have to guarantee to keep the Territorial Cup AZ State vs Arizona. Compared to other Big 12 programs have the kind of real following that we are used to. Arizona is getting ready to get hammered by the NCAA for the bribery the feds investigated. HC Miller was forced out looking for their Basketball program to be under 3 years probation. AZ state is under scrutiny for violating COVID non visit thing has already suspended 2 coaches. Hell the last time we played them in a bowl even being played at home we had better support. They would be good for team having them in because about 80% of their win total are at hone. They loose a lot on the coast.


    Doc, I agree with you on the AZ schools even though runnors are floating.

    Oldguy, also agree that the ACC is vulnerable.  If the B1G and SEC want to expand it will be ACC schools first.  P12 is geographically out of SEC range.  B1G has an alliance with the P12 and wouldn’t go that far West anyway.  B12 is picked clean.  B1G could target KU and ISU but covets UVA and UNC much more because of market penetration in the East.  SEC covets UF, Clem and even VT or GT or one of the other NC schools.  If either B1G or SEC come with a bag of cash the ACC may be in big trouble. The ACC contract with ESPiN is horrible and there are programs that are outspokenly not happy.  Don’t see it happening immediately, but let’s see how this play out in the next few years.

    I’m more comfortable with WVU in the revised B12 now than I have been for years. Wish they would add 2 more east of the Mississippi schools.


    Big 12 just sunk themselves by adding BYU.

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