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    Regardless of where WVU shakes out in realignment, college football is no longer an amateur sport and is a dying sport. CFB has become a semi-pro sport that in no way resembles what college football once was. The most pure sport in history has been relegated to museums across the country.
    I have always opposed the CFB playoffs for the very reason that is now transpiring. The CFP have done absolutely NOTHING to enhance what was the greatest show on earth. The $dollar$ has trumped everything. It’s sad, IMO, to see the sport that I held above all others to be sold to the highest bidder……sport and competition be damned.

    Nothing is better than to go to a college stadium on a crisp Autumn Saturday, tailgate in the lots and then go watch your favorite team play. Win or lose it’s always a great day to be a Mountaineer on those game days.
    Slowly our game will die away & we’ll have to watch the NFL instead. Oh, woe is me !!!


    You are already watch the NFL D League. Developmental League.


    Nicky, I feel the same way.  Amateur Sports are no longer for amateurs.  Many of us older fans long for the good old days.  Remember when we used to get our girlfriends to smuggle in our 5th of Old Grandad.  Hoist a keg over the bowl wall.  Sit in the window at the College Inn.  Watch players develop from FR to SR’s in both BB and FB.  Drive to away games at Pitt, VT, Maryland.

    Now it’s the “what have you done for me lately” athlete.  Everything is changing.  Most times change is good.  I have my doubts about the changes that are happening now.


    I guess we’re all to blame for the current state of college athletics.  I also blame the NCAA and big media – ESPN specifically.

    At least we have the memories of when it was more “pure sport” – playing for your university, alumni and state.


    Completely agree with all of the above


    I understand the thoughts here, and won’t argue with them.

    I will point out, though, that college football and sports, like everything, goes through many changes. This is just the latest. It’s bigger than most, admittedly. But it’s not as if college sports have been a pristine haven.

    In early days, players jumped teams regularly – sometimes week to week,

    A player was basically killed on the field by intentional dirty, racist play — and nothing happened.

    Players were bought off regularly. Cheating still occurs, but in the 60s-70s onward for a while I think it was even more rampant than it it now.

    I understand change can be difficult. And I know a certain percentage will give up on college sports. Sometimes good things get taken away when things change. But I don’t think that means that the core — the games, the pageantry, etc., has to go away.


    In early days, players jumped teams regularly – sometimes week to week,

    A player was basically killed on the field by intentional dirty, racist play — and nothing happened.

    Players were bought off regularly

    Only CFE is old enough to remember those good old days.  🙂


    “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana


    As we are seeing with the destruction of the B12.  Remember the BE?


    2020 I think really showcased how financially unsustainable athletic programs are. Without games/advertising dollars/ticket sales it didn’t take long for athletic departments to go into the red, and quick and by large amounts. I remember one of my neighbors was a scholarship level donor. They worked hard for their livelihood and were proud to be able to donate to a program that gave their son a scholarship years back. They claimed it was a way to pay the University back.

    I asked them, being donors…and I am thinking, wow, scholarship level donors, if they were included in big athletic decisions and forecasting. They said, “oh no, unfortunately, that information and decisions go to the mega donors…talking millions”. It’s amazing that college athletics has gotten to a point that a family gives thousands of their hard earned dollars and they barely register as a blip on the radar. It’s a big business and consumes a lot of resources. WVU does better than most in regards to appreciation for donations; however,  there are some schools where unless you donate millions with a “s” , it’s not worth the paper to send you a thank you card.

    I do feel for WVU’s finance team, trying to juggle 2020 fallout and this conference uncertainty.



    Kevin, you are right of course.  There has never been a time when sports were pure.  Far from it.  (The history of professional baseball is like a textbook on Machiavelli’s ideas applied to sports).  For me, what I’m feeling is entirely subjective.  Money has always been a big part of sports since the days of the gladiators in Rome.  But the all-pervasive influence of money, the ugly greed, and occasional acts of treachery are taking the fun out of sports for me.  I’ve been following the Mountaineers since I was six.  It’s part of who I am, and I couldn’t change if I wanted to.  But, when I think of Mountaineer football, my thoughts always go back to the old stadium with my father and me sitting in the bowl watching us play powerhouses like VMI and the Citadel. It wasn’t big-time, and the games seemed like, well, just games. Those days were fun.  Now it’s strictly a business–and almost nothing else.  That’s just how I feel.  Perhaps the greed and selfishness of our culture have worn me out.  Greed has pretty much ruined professional sports for me, and college sports seems to be headed down the same path.  As I said, it’s purely subjective.  There is still joy, though, in watching great athletes do amazing things and the thrill of watching the Pride of WV take the field.  The points you make are perfectly true.


    Here is a dark thought that I can’t shake:  even though the OU/Texas treachery won’t destroy college football, the vast disparity in wealth between elite schools and everyone else is starting to remind me a lot of MLB.  We are approaching a point where only a tiny minority of college FB teams have a realistic chance of competing for championships.  That kind of inequality has destroyed interest in MLB for fans of a majority of teams.  It could well do the same for major college football.  I predict it will.  Watching Alabama play (insert one:  Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma, Notre Dame) every year for the championship might have ESPN drooling, but a lot of people are just going to find it boring.  (For me the most enjoyable college football game every season is Army-Navy; I find myself falling asleep watching the college football playoffs).


    Agreed on Army-Navy better than playoffs.


    I agree. I think people are hoping that the 12 team playoff will allow for more game diversity. National championship viewership and interest will continue to decline if it’s the same teams over and over again. I might be wrong on this but I think the 2020 national championship did not attract viewers like expected AND I think it was attributed to viewer fatigue with the teams.


    I’ve often said that ESPN has been both the best thing and the worst thing to happen to college sports. The obvious greed is overwhelming……is there ANY school in the P5 losing money ? I seriously doubt it. With UT & OU it’s puzzling to imagine either of them is not making a bundle as a B12 member……no way that they are losing money. The expansion of the CFP to 12 teams will produce 7 additional TV games for who knows how much $$$$$$? The one thing that the college game never needed to thrive was an on-the-field champion. What the h3ll has the CFP done for the game ? Nothing except bleeding the life out of the game.


    Really good perspective and thoughts in this thread. I wish that some of them held some weight in the current round of changes we are seeing!

    Like many situations, if there was balance, the outcome would probably be a lot better. I think there are ways to increase revenues without destroying some of the other aspects of college athletics, but it would have required not striving for every last dollar, and giving up a bit of that for the good of the game overall.

    Saw a great article comparing this to the Euro Soccer leagues, where the richest and best teams tried to band together to form a super league, kind of like the SEC. Fans and all of the “other” teams banded together, there was universal outrage, including with the media, and it got shot down.

    That didn’t happen with our situation because?

    Media reported on this, but didn’t come out universally against it?

    ESPN has too much power?

    Fans (and the US) are so divided they can’t agree on anything and get behind a common cause? And are mostly too jaded to care?


    I think the NCAA has become an inept and inconsistent governing body of collegiate sports. Maybe the influence of money has compromised their integrity as well.


    As we are seeing with the destruction of the B12.  Remember the BE?

    Seems all to familiar doesn’t it. What if we get in the ACC? We still are not 100% secure as 3 or 4 of those could be picked out as well.

    But one thing is sure of the ACC. The teams remaining would be the same ones we have played for years.


    To be honest I think the rest of the Big 12 needs to get really aggressive into expansion. Let the shit go get into the courts take every dime out of them as you can start raiding conferences. Offer A&M snd Missouri a way back, Throw offers out To Boise State, Colorado State, Air Force, Memphis, Cincinnati and a few others and try expansion like crazy. Could even add Houston and SMU I still like BYU.


    I’m selfish. All I care about it WVU. If they wind up playing in a league with Fairmont, Wheeling, Bluefield I’ll still go to the games. Nothing stays the same, in sports or in life. Changes are changes, some better, some worse, and some depending on you perspective. I’ll just wait till it shake out and avoid the wailing. And be true to gold and blue.

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