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    Coming Up Empty West Virginia hasn’t been able to fill up the bucket on many nights on the basketball court this year, but that’s merely been the end
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    Hate to keep pounding this but the mystery of why we score, as
    one example, 81 vs TCU and 97 vs Texas at home and struggle to
    reach the 50’s on the road has not been addressed! It stands out
    like a sore thumb! One road win in the last 17 or so games over the
    last two years!? Yes, there’s the home/away syndrome that prevails
    throughout college basketball, but our situation is way outside the
    norm! Granted, we can throw in many, many variables in play here
    ala team or coaches desperation situations, or whatever, but the
    home and away disparity can’t be denied!


    I think most of the bad passes come from a lack of understanding the game,  Some are thrown too early, others too late.  If one players was always at fault it might be skill but hard to imagine several players who can’t throw  a good pass.  I see the big  need as good point guard.


    JAL – agree it’s an across the board issue, and I too lean toward game or situational understanding as the bigger part of the problem.

    Hopefully those things will be learned, but it’s getting late for this year.


    Oh how we yearn for the Beilein years where back door cuts were the norm.  Where multiple passes around the horn to move the D was every trip down the floor.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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