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    Justin Williams and Kevin Thomas have decommitted.


    Better now than later. They obviously were never really committed.


    I guess you can say that if you are looking at it from one point of view. But there’s also no doubt that losing these two hurts. Highly regarded players.


    Ouch, this hurts.

    Very significant. Can we concur that this is in some way related to how poorly this offense has been this year? Maybe a lack of confidence in current coaching staff?  Or just 2 boys who got hijacked by other coaches talking trash on WV and getting fed exaggerated stories of better success elsewhere?


    I think every game we lose we will see more recruits leave greener pastures or if they are on the bubble they may bail. It’s not the old days when very little information was available compared to today. Coaches trying to get kids saying look son WVU is a nice place but look at what’s happening. Last season was ok but this year they beat a community college and a team that just canned their coach because they suck. It’s going to be a long time before they have a decent program. Your not going to be seen if  on TV a lot. Join us we will get you there


    Who knows, maybe when they get to their destination they decide to transfer too.  There’s so much uncertainty year to year that even if you land a top recruit, you never know if they’re going to stick around.


    Meh, par for the course. Kids commit way too early then when it’s fashionable, they de-commit. Now they can go on social media, hold another “press conference” and thank God. It’s f’n ridiculous IMO.


    Losing these players hurts a ton.

    My thoughts are: did Mountaineer fans play a big part in their decisions to not play for the Mountaineers?  It was impossible to read any Mountaineer boards, and not see The coaching staff needs to be fired, need to raise money to buy out his contract.  It was a mistake adding a year to his contract.  It was a mistake to hire this guy, and a group of other derogatory votes  particularly against the head coach, and the offensive coordinator. Those players that changed their minds were both offensive players.

    I don’t consider myself overly intelligent, but I’m smart enough to know for the Mountaineers to play with the big boys, they need many more upper level athletes.  The Mountaineers have some good players, but they are too few to successfully compete against their opponents.  They need to build their roster.

    As one former Mountaineer coach stated, (paraphrased): he could fill his roster in one day with athletes that wanted to play for the Mountaineers.  But, it takes time to build a roster that can successfully compete against other quality teams.

    I don’t know whether Brown will be the coach that can take the Mountaineers up another step.  But, I also don’t know that he can’t take the Mountaineers up another step.  The jury is still out on that.

    What I don’t like is all the posters on the board that doesn’t want to give him a chance to do so, fans that help limit his recruiting, and give opposing coaches reasons to steer better players away from the Mountaineers.

    I don’t know for sure why these players changed their minds about playing for the Mountaineers, but I do know that Mountaineer fans have not been doing the Mountaineers any favors on the recruiting trail

    Most new recruits are 18, and 19 years old youngsters and they can be swayed by what fans write.  They may commit to a school and feel fully committed, but may change their minds by what is written or they are told.

    Mountaineer fans have given rival coaches much fodder to use against the Mountaineer staff.  My hope is that more players don’t follow the lead of the first two.


    Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both of the young men are offensive players. These players are smart enough to see the product on the field and decide that’s not how I want to play. They don’t need the fans to tell them how bad the offense is, when they can see it for themselves.


    YEt if they are as good as they think they are, couldn’t they change the level of play?


    Probably a coincidence that supposition and suppository have the same beginning.  It’s hard to tell the whys and what-fors.  We don’t why they committed in the first place, let alone why they had a change of heart.  Breathe in, Breathe out, Move on.


    Kevin, unless they think Brown’s offense isnt worth the effort. They all see how boring and bland the offense is.

    Kevin, I read where WVU cut ties with Kevin Thomas, can you confirm or deny those comments for us? I think that would shed some light on his de-committment.


    The error there is thinking that HCNB is wedded to a single style of offense, or what is being run now. Go back and look at Texas Tech when he was there, or at Troy. Much different.

    WVU runs what it runs now because that is what gives it the best chance of success with the players it has. Safe passes, lots of screens (decent blocking on the perimeter), get Leddie the ball as much as they can.

    You can bet that with different skill sets of players, the plays will change. And no doubt that is communicated in recruiting.


    In william’s case, it might have been the log jam in front of him at RB!?


    What log jam?


    Maybe Brown should try one of those different offenses because, what he is running now isn’t working. This offense is what the recruits are seeing, they don’t see an offense that is successful.


    What would you suggest? The idea of just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks works for cooking spaghetti, but not for sports.


    You’re the one that suggested Brown knows more then 1 offensive scheme not me. I only know of 1 offense that Brown coaches and it’s a failure. If he knows more then 1 then he needs to try it. He won’t because of his stubbornness or the lack of knowledge of other schemes. Everyone including recruits see how bad the current scheme is.

    So since you said he knows more then 1 scheme, which others can he try that might be more successful? Also, did you happen to see if WVU parted ways with Kevin Thomas or did he just de-commit?


    I’d be interested in seeing the numbers that transfer out from schools like Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson.  I know it hits everyone but would love to see the extent of the damage to blue blood schools


    I would like to see how many players have transferred from WVU since Jan 1st, 2021. Like you said, it hits everyone but just how many have we lost since the 1st of the year compared to other schools.

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