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    No way Leddie comes back, IMO.  Backs have a limited shelf life, and an extra year in college is one they don’t get in the NFL, if indeed they make it there. Another year at WVU is not going to make Leddie more valued by the NFL.

    Three backs is not a jam. That is not a considertaion.

    And really, recruiting ratings have zero to do with someone’s productivity or potential on the field. If they did, Texas would be 9-1 right now. If you want to use them as some measure of recruiting success, that’s fine, but they have no place in judging what a team actually does on the field.

    Hate to disagree with you Kevin.  Recruiting ratings have proven out over the years that the programs with the highest ranked recruits (4* & 5*) are the programs that make it year after year into the CFP.  That can’t be disputed.  Bama, Clemson, tOSU, Meatchicken, UGA, Oregon, LSU, OU, these teams that make the CFP have more 4*&5* recruits every year than most.  There was a post early this year that proves this.

    Individually, a player’s rating may or may not prove out.  But overall the numbers do prove that if you recruit more 4* & 5* players than your opponents your program will over time be better.

    Then of course there is the exception.  Now, UT has recently done less with more.  More than most other programs in the country let alone the B12.  That is a problem in the program starting with coaching, not necessarily with recruiting.


    Options are limited with the type of QB we have now. Would Greene or Goose be any better? Would a different offense be run. Don’t know as they are not ready.

    The QB has concrete shoes, the left tackle can’t block and the run game is slow. It’s like we can never make it to the corner. Teams with Good to great LB know this and clog the middle and say Doege beat us if you can because if your team can’t run you’re a sitting duck.



    Athletes tend to be confident in their abilities.  They think they are good enough. Reality is most are not, but try telling that to a college player who has experienced some success

    CC, you are right.  Try telling some kids that they aren’t ready, or may never be ready to make a living at the next level is like talking to a door knob.  History is littered with names of players that should have stayed for another year.  Stayed to complete their degree.  Stayed to finish their Masters while still on schollie.  Stayed and focused on skills at another position or areas that coaches and scouts say they need developed.  Stayed and switched positions completely.

    Just being confident in your ability isn’t enough to get you to the next level.


    Butler, I totally agree with this post.  I agree that it’s unlikely that Brown returns, and I agree that even though  a small percentage of highly ranked recruits don’t live up to their billing, most do.

    I’m sure there’s not one coach in America that prefers three stars players, and thinks let those four and five stars players go somewhere else.

    So, even though not all highly ranked recruits make it, to consistently have a top ten team, it starts with highly ranked players, followed by a coaching staff that’s able to get the best out of them.


    Leddie Brown is the type of back that the NFL looks for. He runs hard, has decent speed, can block, catches the ball out of the backfield and is durable. His major flaw is ball security & if that isn’t corrected he won’t last in the NFL. He would be a good gamble for 4-5 round pick.


    Hopefully he sticks with a team for a few years. Rb’s avg $1.5M / yr. And yhat’s with high end rb’s skewing the scale. Punters and kickerS median is around $1.5M
    RB median salary is around $600k. Low end $400k.

    Still $400k for a few years isn’t bad …. if you can get it.

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