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    Culver will need to avoid quick foul trouble as KU will be driving the ball to the hole frequently and Culver is the last line of defense. He doesn’t have the athletic ability or talent that Sags has (does anyone?) to erase most of those drives.

    My fear is they will focus on driving straight at him in hopes of getting him to the bench. While only scoring 12 points in our wins thus far he has been a beast on the glass and is one of better passers of the ball. Points or not Culver is the main cog.


    McCormack and Lawson are going to be a problem tonight.  Maybe Konate is ready?  I only see that option if Culver is in foul trouble again.  Either way this is a game WVU has never won.  That is beating Kansas in the state of Kansas.  Still eludes WVU and it would be an even bigger win than last night if they can pull it off.  Vegas smells -11 for Kansas, seems more likely.  Gotta fight hard especially when the Kansas fan base gets loud tonight.

    "Confidence is a lot of this game or any game. If you don't think you can, you won't. "

    - Jerry West


    Would not anticipate Konate playing this year.

    One thought is to mix in a little zone to try to avoid exposing Culver, but that has not been WVU’s forte, so it might only be used as a changeup.

    WVU will have to turn drives earlier and keep them from going straight to the rim. They have been getting a little better with that, but agree that it is a big concern tonight.



    Interesting thoughts, and I’ll come right out and just say it: Konate has made a choice to sit the entire year. So let him continue to sit. No matter how much he’s (perhaps) itching to get in there. This TEAM (the real one) has managed to get along fine without him in their late-season burst. Now is not the time to bring in a guy that’s not participated for two full months, especially when the guys who’ve put in the time and effort are finally starting to gel as a unit. It disrupts EVERYTHING. (Cue in Ahmad’s return from just last season.)

    I also have my own feelings about the “Sags” saga and have a ton of opinions as to why, but I’ll leave it at that.

    Mountaineers win tonight!


    If we didn’t see Sags last night we prolly won’t see him tonight.  That stretch under 4 mins where they made the run was the time where Huggs would have shoved him in there.  Culver was getting to the rim on every possession.  That’s when we needed him.


    Agree that KU’s best strategy is to drive the ball at Culver to try to get him into foul trouble.   I will be shocked if Sags plays tonight or tomorrow.  I just hope that McCabe shoots well tonight.

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