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    I’ll just go ahead and say it.  Neal Brown was a quality hire and a job well done by Lyons and Gee.

    That said, I too would hate to lose him to Kentucky, but the SEC and his alma mater might be too strong a pull.  Let’s hope that Stoops stays put.


    I don’t see anyone coming after Stoops so no worries there. Now they might fire him in a couple of years that would be different.

    I don’t see Brown just jumping ship to be jumping. He would want to right things first. Unless it’s for some ungodly salary offer then who could blame him. But why would someone come looking right now? He’s not proven anything.

    As far as CFE and his numbers thing. Dude the cubboard was so bare it didn’t even have underware. No returning starting QB for the frst time in what 50 or 60 years. The guy has done an admirable job in keeping things afloat.


    CFE, doesn’t like HGNB because Brown refused CFE’s request for an exclusive interview when Brown was first hired and CFE still holds an enormous grudge against HCNB. However, CFE’s numbers don’t lie……they just don’t tell anywhere near the whole story.


    Stoops has one of the best deals in college football & he’s under zero pressure to win a NC or an SEC title. Why in the heck would he ever leave ?


    Dude the cubboard was so bare it didn’t even have underware.

    First, the spelling is underwear. And it’s cupboard.

    Second, Neal got Leddie Brown, Bryce-Ford Wheaton, Josh Chandler-Semedo, Isaiah Ensdale, Dylan Tonkery, Sean Mahone, Casey Legg, Dante Stills when he arrived in Morgantown.

    That’s 909 rushing yards from Leddie, 96 tackles by Josh, 71 tackles by Sean (#1 and #2 on the team, by the way), 560 passing yards and 3 TDs from Bryce, 17 of 20 field goals made and ALL 3 extra points made by Casey. So a 1,000-yard rusher is a nothing? Top 2 tacklers on a team is a nothing? One of the most accurate kickers for points ever at WVU is a nothing?  

    Not much from Esdale, a surprise to me. I’ll give you that.



    By definition,  there have to be two top tacklers on a team.  Every team,  regardless of roster talent, has two guys that are their top two tacklers.  You’re saying nothing.


    Football is 11 on 11, at least the way it’s played in college

    But you go ahead and find me a championship team with no QB and no offensive line.

    Do that for us.

    Instead of picking and choosing your data points, how about grasp the whole story

    You know, step away from the trees and see the forest

    13 Seniors on this team

    Deshawn Stevens (Maine transfer 2021)

    Tyler Sumpter (Troy transfer 2020)

    Quamaezius Moseby  – 1 career tackle

    Evan Staley – kicker

    Sean Mahone – multi year starter

    Scottie Young (Arizona transfer 2020)

    Isaiah Esdale – first real productive season

    VD Cowan – Alabama transfer – backup

    Alonzo Addae (New Hampshire transfer 2020)

    Jarret Doege (Bowling Greene transfer 2019)

    Dante Stills – Star

    Josh Chandler-Semedo – multi year starter

    Leddie Brown – 2020 1st team Big 12

    13 guys. Three walk-ons and five post Dana transfers in

    Want me to break down the juniors?


    BGDuece, As normal, good post. You have become one of my favorite posters.



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