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    Here’s a problem that exists in any playoff expansion
    proposal that includes “Conference Champions”, EXCEPT,
    the Big12! The other Power 5 leagues all have divisions which
    eliminates a true round robin system in which all teams play
    each other. Outside of a conference playoff game they have
    no means of designating a champion. Wherein lies the
    problem! Under this scenario the CCP may not always get
    the league’s best team. And could occur in each league
    except the Big12!
    Example this year: what if Pitt beat Clemson? What if
    Northwestern beat tOSU?
    And on top of that, are the conferences so equal in strength
    that a conference champion in one deserves equal footing
    with another, even withstanding that they might not even
    have a TRUE champ!?


    Why would upsets in championship games be such a bad thing? Did you feel the same way when Loyola or UMBC advanced in the NCAA tournament? If Pitt upset Clemson, then good for them and Clemson had their chance.

    I honestly think they should do away with polls altogether and just take the conference champions from each league regardless of record or ranking. It would never happen because TV ratings are ruled by prime time games with #3 vs #8, etc… where #8 gets a 5 spot bump by the polls because ESPN knows they have their game next week.


    One other thing to note – the Big 12 could send its second best team every year, if #2 beats #1 in the conference championship game.

    Still, Tony’s point is valid. The Big 12 does far better in weeding out a potential high finish in a division due to a team getting lucky and avoiding playing the top 2 or 3 teams in the other division.

    However, I agree with irish in that the upsets aren’t terrible. No one complains that those teams didn’t belong last year.

    Put the two points together, and agreed the Big 12 does it best. Play everybody, and then let the top two slug it out again.


    Get rid of conference championship games. Cut schedule back to 11 games. Go to 16 game playoff reseeding all teams from 1 to 16. The reseeding can keep out conference champs that have a 7-4 or 8-3 in many cases or keeps them at a lower seed. This would give G5 teams a shot at the playoffs. The Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta can be used every year as final 4 games. Championship could go to highest bidder. Going to the final is only 4 extra games or 15 total. The 8 million Bowl games can be shown during the week as to not interfere with playoff.


    Eliminate CCG’s ! They are all a bunch of crap anyway. Nothing forces the P5’s to have 2 divisions. Make them 1 big conference and determine tie-breaker criteria to determine champions in case of ties and have conference champions only in the playoffs… at-large or independents selections….keep humans entirely out of the selection process…win and you’re in ! This is what I envision happening if this scenario would be implemented. More big OOC games since a loss would have no effect on any teams chances for the playoffs. The breakup of these mega conferences, back to 8-10 teams with more Power conferences forming for a piece of the Playoff pie. UND would have to join a conference as a full participant. The way the playoff system is currently structured “Brand” is huge in the selection process and as long as humans do the selecting, their bias’s will be inserted. These CCGames are a joke…..if a 4=5 loss team beats a 0-1 loss team they’re the conference champion ??!! Sure they are and it gets them nothing anyway. CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS ONLY !! (true champions)


    I want objectivity in the selections. Win your conference, you are in. Don’t trust a committee to go against financial advantage to choose a lesser name team that had a better season over a blue blood.

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