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    Not sure, haven’t seen enough maybe, but does it seem that in college basketball offenses this year the dribble/drive has overtaken the pass as the primary attack weapon? The defenses, in general, seem not capable of counter balancing the athleticism of the drives compared to the more stagnant passing game. Besides the benefit of possibly getting fouled on the drive it more often than not opens the opportunities for three point open shots. Maybe I’m seeing things that are actually happening or subconsciously dreaming!?


    IMO the straight line drive will kill the game the way we know it.  Not because the guys driving are so much more skilled and defenders don’t know how to defend or even that coaches can’t or don’t adjust.  IMO it’s the way the officiating has been directed.

    As long as the defensive guy is moving the O can go right thru his chest and the foul is called on the defender.  Only time it’s a charge is when the defender is completely still or the offensive guy puts his shoulder down.  Chest up, face to face and the offense has the advantage while the D can do nothing about it but put his hands straight up in the air.

    Another problem I see is the big man battles.  O guy backing into the D trying to get him to move.  Much like we used to see Shaq back down defenders by “bumping” into them to get them moving.   O can back into and sometimes look like they jump into the defender and bounce off of him without a foul.  Again, this is how it’s officiated.

    People may disagree with my assessment but this happens every game.


    Butlereer…I agree with all you said….a big can back into the D, once fine, but the 2nd time should be a foul on the O player. Down low an O player can jump up and into a standing non moving D player, and of course, a foul on the D player. Like you said, the striped shirts and the calls…jeez. To me it looks, over the years, that the players control the game not the striped shirts, not the NCAA. On another note how about keeping the coaches OFF the court durning game play…right. I’v seen striped shirts go in behind a coach to get around him to follow game play…are you freaking kidding me. IMO time to go back to NO 3point shot and NO dunking/hanging on the rim.


    dawg8,   that went down hill fast.


    Jump ball after each bucket?


    I’d like to see wicker baskets with no hole in the bottom


    Tony, you aren’t dreaming. There are a lot of variants of it, from simple pick and rolls to high ball screens to dribble drive motion, and while I don’t have metrics on it it sure seems like there is much more of it than a true motion offense (which still can include driving) or a pass and cut offense like John Beilein’s or the classic Princeton sets.


    What’s interesting though is those high movement offenses have been doing very well.  So why the change?  Is it lack of shooters?  I’m thinking about teams like Gonzaga or Villanova,  but I guess they have enough shooters for anyone to be a threat.


    Vulash – with those two schools, yes they have enough shooters, which is in itself a rare commodity, but they also have shooters that CAN play defense.  Those sorts of players are getting into unicorn status.


    What goes around comes around. The dribble drive was a staple of the game in the 50’s & 60’s and it’s found it’s way back into the game.


    Butler, agree 100% on your defensive and foul analysis. Two years ago, backing defenders down in the post with repeated bumps was supposed to be a point of emphasis and called on the offensive player – that didn’t happen.

    The restricted arc is also a defensive detriment, and not just on getting a charge call. If a secondary defender is stationary on or in the arc, and contact occurs, he or she is getting almost an automatic foul call, even if he or she was jsut standing there. I understand if they can’t draw a foul, but getting called just for being in the area is not a good interpretation.


    McNeill was called on one of those in a recent game.  He was stationary, got ran over and got the foul.


    Should go back to our old playground rules. The honor system where if you think a foul was made on someone it was “on me, take it out of bounds”! 😁


    I giggled on that one, Tony.  I could see more than half a game being spent on out of bounds plays.


    Should go back to our old playground rules. The honor system where if you think a foul was made on someone it was “on me, take it out of bounds”! 😁

    Tony, I don’t know about your playground, but ours was no blood, no foul.  No such thing as a touch foul.  And if you didn’t clip your fingernails you had to bite them off before the game.  My wrists were always bleeding from fingernail scrapes.


    Tales to grandkids:
    On our playground the games we played went to 24.
    We were such good shots that whoever won the flip and got the ball first would win, making all of their first shots.
    So to fix that, we put in a rule that if the ball touched the rim, it didn’t count! But, being such good shooters, that didn’t work!
    So, the only thing left was, if it touched the net……….
    Hey, hey, where are you guys going…….?


    And you had to walk three miles uphill to the playground, and three miles uphill back home.

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