Delay of Game–on the DEFENSE??????

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    What a putrid excuse of “officiating” is the Big 12.

    I know WVU is the redheaded stepchild of the Big 12, but come on…


    Refs tried their best to give the game to Baylor


    I believe that we do get bad calls. The TCU game proved that.


    SImulating the snap count.

    We crapped the bed, no officiating conspiracy guys.


    No conspiracy. Just a bad game by the refs with us being on the short end of the calls. Team played poorly though.


    Text with my buddy during the games, he is always complaining about the calls. Generally I just don’t see the issue. The PF on Winfield was a little weak but what Dana was really hot about were the non calls – holding on their O-line.

    Once momentum shifts like it did, you’re probably not getting those calls. Just the way it goes.

    I think McDougal being gassed really hurt, he wa manhandling their interior early on.


    Why can’t more players have to be mixed in for a series or two.  I understand they are not as good, but neither are the starters when they are completely gassed.  The coaches know who is ready and who is not.  I’m not suggesting I know better than them.  Just asking have they all got themselves a bit of group think going about unwillingness to rest anyone?


    The lack of holding calls was the biggest issue to me.  The pass interference calls were all good calls, or at least defendable.  But Shuler and McDougle got held consistently.

    WVU has tried to sub guys in, and they did it along the DLine for much of the game. But, we saw the results when Avery was out for the second half and Shuler missed time in the 4th Q. The dropoff is significant.  It’s not that the coaches aren’t thinking about it and trying to get guys ready to sub in. It’s just the results that have them opting against it a lot of the time.


    DL has always been the problem.  Hopefully this recruiting class will help that.  I’d hope Holgs pulls in one more DT and a few more DL in next year’s class.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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