Derek Culver’s WVU Career Comes To Confusing, Disjointed End

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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The mercurial college basketball career of Derek Culver ended the way it started … in turmoil. When he left high school, he was
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    Athletics Sports Management signed its first 3 clients. What does this tell you of this agency?


    “He’s making unbelievable progress with his jump shot and his ability to shoot the ball and to pick and pop. The progress he’s making in Los Angeles on his jump shot, the NBA teams will be able to see that”

    The first thought that probably comes to many and is so obvious are a few questions:
    Is this actually true?
    Who is doing the training?
    Why wasn’t that done here?
    Each of us probably has their opinions of the answers to the second two questions!
    But if it had been done here, the imagination runs wild as to the opportunities it would afford in the offense! Not to mention the relief from the beatings!
    And what an upward evaluation given the NBA people with the results it might have provided?


    Glad he’s gone.Wish him the best.


    Can’t begrudge an athlete wanting to make money for himself by pursuing a pro career.  Just hope these agents are genuine and he is not being misled. This exit is more palatable than the transfer portal shenanigans.


    Implication of article is that he may not of realized what he signed, or that he didn’t want to tell Gabe and Huggins


    Culver’s career had been an odd one from the suspension to the leaving.  As player he was inconsistent  One game or one one half he would look like a 1st team All-American and the next he would disappear.  Same with foul shooting–8 of 9 then 1 of 9.

    Late in the season he was barely playing late in games as Gabe was given more time for his defense.


    I doubt he will get drafted.  Look him to be playing in Europe next season.


    Derek has tremendous talent. He struggles at times with effort and attitude. That said both grew tremendously while at WV.

    In the one on one pro game I could actually see DC being a guy that could score on virtually anyone. He’s so unorthodox and with the extra step/pivot allowed at the next level his moves would be hard to defend one on one.

    I was happy to see his progression and a player and young man under Huggs. Got the sense Huggs loved this guy a bit more than most.


    When kids leave early, especially with multiple years of eligibility, I always wonder …. What If?

    What would the result be for Derek if he would stay and develop further under Huggs? We know he’s not NBA ready at this point.  He hasn’t been listed in any of the mock drafts.  Would he benefit more from playing under Huggs tutelage for at least 1 and maybe 2 more years?  Would it make a difference if he still didn’t get the NBA call in what he could make as starting salary overseas?

    Then I always go back to my old stand by that getting a degree and then a masters will in the long run set him up for success much more than coming out early and making a minimum overseas for a couple years.  Look at the long term rather than the gold ring now.


    These kids get dollar signs in their brain and then are encouraged by those who will sponge from them to leave early… there needs to be better counseling of these athletes to bring them a dose of reality. It’s like picking a rose before it’s ready to bloom… a fellow by the name of Major comes to mind….


    BSAE, agree with the sentiments, but not sure if any additional counseling makes things any better. WVU (and many schools) have counselors of the academic and life variety as part of their programs. They bring in former athletes to recount all of the struggles and dangers of leaving early.

    I think we grow frustrated because we see the same process happen again and again, but it’s all new to the players going through it, and they don’t have the long experience that we do. Add in that lure of easy money from the hangers-on, and I’m not sure if there is much else that can be done to override it.


    Amen Kevin.  Every player thinks he’s the exception that’s going to make it.  Derek’s future never included the NBA, so if he just wants to go make some money overseas, so be it.  But if someone is pumping him up as an NBA prospect, I just don’t see that happening.


    The sad part of this is that Derek is walking away from a free degree.  Possibly a free Masters.  I get it that these kids have visions of sugar plum dollars in their heads, but this is getting out of control.

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