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    Vitale is calling the Vandy / Florida game. Have to turn the sound down. Can’t stand to hear his drivel. When he goes off on his tirades it’s hard to listen to. He may be a HOF broadcaster, but I just can’t stand to listen to him.


    I agree with your take on Vitale.

    Billy Packard was a much better analyst until his ego interferes and racism rose to the surface.

    Vitale is too engrossed in the sound of his own voice instead of pointing out the subtleties of the game.

    Jay Jacobs is good at picking out those subtleties as well, but sometimes he talks to much as well.

    But not anywhere near Vitale.


    Jay has to be one of the most negative color commentators for his home team. I get it that he wants to point out what should be done, but not in the demeaning way he sometimes does.

    On the other hand, our guys are much better than the Pitt announcing team.


    Cannot argue with this.

    Wonder who will replace Jay when he does step down.


    Love Jay.


    Vitale’s non-stop talking detracts from my enjoyment of the game. I just mute the sound and watch the game; he never says anything that adds to my comprehension of the game I’m watching.


    I liked Vitale when he first started. His act and self importance has grown old.


    Dookie V needs to hang it up. His Schtick is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby!!!


    The worst is Bill Walton. It’s like trying to watch a basketball game while on an acid trip.


    Bill Walton wasn’t wearing his tie died t-shirt the last game.  Must not have toked up before the game.

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