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    Reported during the game that Jarrett Doege did not walk during the SR’s walk.  Said there are things to accomplish.  Returning next year?


    Looks like it.  Did Matthews walk?  That’s a surprise


    All of the Covid extra year guys that are JR’s eligibility wise can stay the extra year.  Who walked in this group.

    RJR-C ….. Doege, Esdale, Alston, Low, Cowan, Woods

    JR-C ….. Brown, Ryan, Hughes, Stills, Chandler-Semedo, Matthews.

    All of these guys could come back or go to the Portal

    SR’s that have to move on are Addae, Mahone, Young, Staley, Sumpter, Stevens.



    There goes a few people to Canada!



    I may be in the minority, but I hope that Doege does return.  He’s much better than most on this board gives him credit for.

    I’ve read posts from many that Doege is the worse Mountaineer QB ever.  I’v watched  the Mountaineers longer than a large number of them have been alive, and I totally disagree with anyone that even thinks that.


    My wish would be for all that can do return, but I doubt that even half of that group returns.

    It would surprise me to see Brown return, but it would be good for the team if he does, as it would surprise me to see some others return. They all make the Mountaineers better.


    Worse QB ever?  Not hardly.  Doege is what he is.  He’s very good when he has a little time in the pocket.  He’s very good at the short game and short outs.  Every once in a while he does hit a medium route.  Needs lots of work going thru progressions.  Needs lots of work setting his feet when under pressure.  He is not a threat at all on the ground.

    A lot of his deficiencies can be masked with a good game plan.  Unfortunately our OC asks him to do things that are outside of his capabilities.  Unfortunately our OL coach just hasn’t been able to develop these young guys at a rate that they can always compete at the highest level in the B12.

    Fan base reminds me of the vitriol of Clint and Skyler. Thing that both of these guys had going was they could run.  Not fast, but they were somewhat of a threat on the ground.

    That being said, I would still like to see what Greene or Crowder can do in an extended situation.  Brown obviously likes Greene’s legs but doesn’t trust his judgement to follow the game plan. Crowder with a year under his belt as a RS may surprise all of us next spring.  Hopefully we can blow out Kansas and either one of these guys can get a number of snaps.


    The numbers of schollies available may bring us close to the 85

    70 at this point 6 SR’s without remaining eligibility.  12 RJR-C JR-C with eligibility remaining (would have been SR’s)

    If all 12 leave that puts us at 52 schollies now + 25 in regular recruiting and 7 more to replace the 7 we’ve lost = 84.  That is if we don’t lose any more to the Portal.


    Do not read anything into who walked as to whether or not they are returning. Will be some in both groups.

    Leddie will not return.

    Jarret said in postgame that he has not made a decision. Video of that under the VIDEOS menu section.


    I can see Leddie taking his shot in the draft. He’ll close in on another 1000 yd season. Has shown the power NFL teams look for.

    Would like to see him stay but he needs to take his shot.


    Doege is now #5 all time WVU passing yards.

    At 5-6 this year, the turnovers and penalties were the achilles to this years squad.

    Simple really, limit turnovers and penalties and get Leddie 100+ yards rushing, WVU wins every time.

    Yesterday, 3 penalties for 20 yards, 0 turnovers, Leddie ran for 100.  That’s it!

    Let’s not forget how good the Big12 is this year.

    Oklahoma State & Oklahoma are national title contenders.  Baylor, Kansas State, Iowa State are all solid and watching Iowa State struggle at times actually was the indicator how damn good this conference performed.

    TCU, Texas Tech, WVU – They’re really not awful squads, they just ran into a top heavy powerhouse league this year.

    Texas faded into the abyss, Kansas even found some muscle (please don’t next saturday).




    Doege reminds me of this poem:

    There was a little girl

    ”There was a little girl,
                Who had a little curl,
    Right in the middle of her forehead.
                When she was good,
                She was very good indeed,
    But when she was bad she was horrid.”
    Worst WVU QB ever, hardly, but in decision making he’d make my bottom 5 list.

    I would also like to see a Kansas blowout so we could see the QBs behind Doege.

    Saying that, I don’t foresee it happening.  Kansas is not the Kansas that we saw in the beginning of the year.

    Over this past month they’ve turned the corner.  They have been playing good ball, and could upset the Mountaineers if they’re not playing at the top of their game.

    Of course, I’m not inside anyone’s mind, but it would surprise me to not see somewhat of a letdown after the Texas game.  They were short handed and put so much into that game.  I’m not so sure they can get up as high against Kansas as they were against Texas.  And, with Kansas’ improve play, it may be necessary.


    Calling Jarret “worst ever” is ridiculous. Some of us are older and have lived through some dreadful QB performances and coaching troubles.

    as I have said is he what he is… coming back gives us an experienced presence with the young ones…


    WVfan84  Good post, I totally agree, and I think, perhaps due to the covid epidemic, he appears to continue to grow.

    It appears, he now places more emphasis on using his feet to escape sacks.  It also appears that he’s placing the ball more where it’s less chance of being intercepted.

    Two of his last three interceptions were receiver problems, not QB problems.

    I really think the Mountaineers will be a much better team next year if he returns.


    I could name many worse QB than Doege but won’t do it.  They we ll Mountaineers and did their best

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