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    Hendon Hooker has been sacked 32 times with 22 TDs to 3 INTs and 464 rushing yards and 4 additional rushing TDs.


    Tyler Van Dyke has been sacked 20 times with 19 TDs to 6 INTs and 51 rushing yards with one rushing TD.


    Jack Coan has been sacked 26 times with 16 TDs to 5 INTs and -67 yards rushing for one additional TD.


    Max Johnson has been sacked 24 times with 22 TDs to 6 INTs and -17 yards rushing.


    13 players have been sacked more times than WVU’s Jarrett Doege.

    4 more have been sacked the same amount of times.

    And now, somehow, you’re going to tell us that QB sacks are all the responsibility of the QB.

    And then you’re going to swing around and tell us that we’re paining Doege as a great QB deserving of no criticism.

    Both would be horribly wrong, which would make you, um, consistent.

    Its absurd that someone has to spend time disproving your assertions, rather than you making them and proving yourself correct. There’s nothing that shreds a poster’s credibility more than lobbing claims that aren’t even that hard to disprove.

    And even worse in trying to skitter around and move the original claim into something else, and then trying to stretch it further into somehow proving that the QBs who have been sacked more times are better QBs because of other statistics that have nothing to do with the number of times a WVU running back is having to dodge a defender at the same time they’re taking the handoff, or the number of times that Doege gets swamped in under 3 seconds, many times against a simple three man rush.

    We get it. You don’t like Doege. You clearly have an issue with the coaching staff.

    Neither of those things are going to change in the next two games, win or lose.

    What isn’t going to change is that you have zero personal knowledge of the thinking or the inner working of this program to make claims like Neal Brown is trying to make Jarrett into Seth or any other ridiculous personal jab at the man.

    Coach Brown has done NOTHING in his time at West Virginia University to deserve personal attacks towards his credibility. He’s been an absolute perfect ambassador for this university and this program. He’s brining in recruits here the likes of which have been sorely lacking in the last six to seven years, and a group of them together not seen since Rodriguez’s 2008 recruiting class he was about to sign before he jumped ship and so did most of them.

    Certainly his coaching is fair game for criticism. I’ve lobbed some of it myself. There are several things he needs to improve upon, and I’m even in favor of a change or two in the assistant staff if that’s what he thinks is necessary.

    But to come on here and start thumping your chest as though he’d rather lose than put the best QB on the field is ignorance of the highest magnitude.

    Not to mention the fact that the QB you want to see on the field practiced for the first time in over a week today. So you’d rather play a guy who can’t even practice. Who has suspect decision making skills?

    The hatred displayed for a college QB is starting to border on obsession.

    Doege isn’t in the top ten of starting QBs at WVU in the last 10 years. But the head coach, who sees him in practice every single day, believes he’s the best WVU has. And nobody who isn’t a paid college football coach that sees these guys practice every day has any credible opinion on the matter.

    Doege is who we have. If you’re a Mountaineer, a real Mountaineer, you support him. Sure, you get frustrated with him. Lose your patience with him. But he’s our guy. Get on board, or step off.

    Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer. That’s what I have always heard.

    Evidently that doesn’t count in every instance.


    Doege was handed the QB position over Austin Kendall even when Kendall outperformed him and had to right the ship in the Army bowl game. Then Austin was sent packing and the redshirt freshman was not given a fair shot at a true quarterback competition. For the sake of the future of this team – it’s time to move on from Doege and Sean Reagan.


    I probably have more friends who are recent former WVU football players than most people on here and especially among the group of players I graduated with in 2008–overwhelmingly the prevailing thought is Doege needs to be benched now and next season in favor of either of the 2-3 more athletic quarterbacks and we need a legitimate offensive coordinator/QB coach. Now these are opinions of Rodriguez/Stewart guys No Doubt – but this coaching staff would benefit from taking a look at the legacy and product on the field from those Rodriguez days and injecting some of that flavor into the offense (that is until we have better bookends on the line). We agree the line is a weakness–the key disagreement is how to move forward with the offensive line we have. I’d hope Trickett’s son could revitalize the disciplined offensive line play that we had under Rick, but who knows… I’m not going to pull any punches and will continue to call it like it is and point out the true weaknesses of our team… it’s that honest assessment which provides the opportunity for corrective action. Even if Doege continues to be the starter next year… it better be a true quarterback battle and Doege needs to make objective improvements in agility in the pocket, and scrambling/rushing mobility which can be objectively measured–he is far behind other QBs in the BigXII conference in that regards. Just imagine if Jarret Doege had the same knack for extending plays that Brock Purdy has… Purdy made big plays against us even when it looked like he had no chance. We have to go to Blacksburg next year and if Doege doesn’t make some clear objective improvement there will be a stark contrast between he and Burmeister.


    Baseless assertions must have come two for one at Giant Eagle this week


    I’ve been betting with myself since page 1 on how long it would be before you brought up your volunteering on a previous staff.   To your credit, I thought you’d do it by page 2 this time.

    Your “honest assessment ” does not provide any opportunities for any type of action within the football team.   You do not affect chance within the football team by posting on this message board.



    I was covering this team on the sidelines since you were in grade school

    Kevin and Greg have been doing it since before you were born.

    Mickey Furfari for decades has the honor of the first question at the presser. Now that’s Greg.

    Not you.

    I’m sure your stint as ballboy was quaint.

    Some of us actually played sports in college



    Nice ageism dude. Don’t ever try to hold your manhood card up against someone because of youth.

    Try Strength & Conditioning staff under Mike Barwis & Mike Joseph buddy… not a ball boy… and I also decided to commission from WVU as a ROTC cadet after 9/11. The only reason I did not play soccer at USAFA as planned is because I had a sports career-ending knee injury my senior year of high school. When you were watching on the sidelines I was either coaching athletes in the weight room, stateside generating F-22 sorties, running ground convoy operations intratheatre, or taking care of veterans in my home state. I’m not about to be intimidated online by a handful of sports reporters who are a far cry from Earnest Hemingway.


    First off, sports reporting was a side hobby for me. Buddy.

    Secondly, nobody said anything about your youth. This is about in-depth knowledge.

    So you think being a student assistant strength coach 12 years ago, gives you some sort of intellectual advantage over guys who have been covering this team since before you were born? That’s not about youth, that’s about experience and reality.

    And while its nice to say, while I was watching on the sidelines you were doing X.

    When you were still having your diapers changed, I was racking up all state awards, all conference awards and All American awards. I was working with strength and conditioning before you even knew what a weight room was.

    So yeah, I was watching from the sidelines while you were a student. Because I was too old to be a student manager. You, know, graduation and all.

    And all respect to military service. But that has ZERO to do with knowledge of this football program. Nothing.

    So, thank you for your service to our country. This country owes every service member a debt of gratitude.

    But bringing that up as your bona fides in relation to the WVU football program is comical.

    Now, mind you, I’m not selling myself as some sort of insider either. This is about you taking a swing at Kevin, and therefore the owners and operators of this site.

    Your entire diatribe is merely proof that you speak as an expert on a subject of which you know little.

    You make assumptions on who the people are that cover this team and their background. You make assumptions based upon your experience from being a student manager (your exact title wording, not mine) from a staff that has been gone from here since 2007.

    And, you also fail to grasp that the same players with whom you claim to continue friendship, also maintain a relationship with the guys that run this site. You have zero clue how this entire operation works and how these guys develop their stories. Clearly you think they just show up at pressers and ask questions. Clearly you think none of them have athletic backgrounds or experience with the program from when they were in college.

    And you’d be wrong.

    I don’t even do it anymore regularly, but before you were even on campus I was developing relationships with the players and their parents while covering things. And I was just a part time guy doing it on the side with Kevin and Greg.

    Perhaps you don’t grasp that the group that we had back then consists of Kevin and Greg, and a now college head basketball coach and a director of media relations and a guy who has written for the AP and several major papers. People who worked for that group now have a hand in nearly every WVU fan site in operation today. So if you think that when Kevin or Greg speak its out of speculation, you are, well, incorrect.



    “ Just imagine if Jarret Doege had the same knack for extending plays that Brock Purdy has… Purdy made big plays against us even when it looked like he had no chance” ………

    Whew!….And I thought we had won that game!


    Sad to see that someone who has served our country resorts to the derogatory comment of “ageism”.  Most vets and active duty folks that I know would venerate the opinion of older folks because they know that those who have lived longer have learned and experienced more.

    Maybe I date myself, but used to be that we were raised to honor our elders but the hubris, know it all attitude, and it’s all about me beliefs of young people today have cast us older folks into the realm of expendables and burdens upon others.


    BGDeuce, you put together a good argument. I still agree to disagree… even Tom Brady wouldn’t be effective behind this offensive line, but an athletic Fran Tarkenton type at least would mask the deficiencies of this offensive line and give us a chance at having a winning record. That should be pretty clear for all to see. It’s not a personal attack on Doege, but rather an objective evaluation of his lack of athleticism and how it hurts the offense.

    We could both rattle off numerous accolades no doubt, but bottom line is I don’t know you or who you are – and you don’t know me. Maybe we’ll meet someday and have a good sit down over some grub and truly hear each other’s perspective… to me it just seems like unfounded unwavering devotion to a quarterback and every personnel decision by the current coach (a dude who has a leadership and teaching style which I really admire by the way… have heard great things about Neal Brown after living in Kentucky for some time and meeting people who went to high school with him and worked with him.) However, I do not see any man as being beyond reproach and think it is okay to question some of his personnel decisions. You and many sports reporters do not think that is okay and that’s fine. I am younger than you and wore diapers at some point in life when you were at a different stage of cognitive development… big deal (that was an ageism attack by you). Know this about my personality: whether you like it or not, a mission effectiveness inner imperative drives me in many facets of life. We’re part of the same fan base, but evidently not part of the same teams and have differing viewpoints on what the mission or objectives should be. On the WVU team which I was a member of… the mission was not to merely appear in a bowl game at the end of the year. The mission was always to win a conference championship… now objectives changed based on performance throughout the season, but if we weren’t at least in the hunt for a conference championship that season was not considered fully successful. This team especially on offense has underperformed and has not successfully established an identity on offense. Nobody is happy about that. What I’m saying is we need to go back to the drawing board and employ the problem solving method.

    Step 1: Identify the Problem
    Step 2: Analyze the Problem, breaking it down into performance gaps
    Step 3: Look for Root Causes and Set Improvement Targets
    Step 4: Develop possible solutions
    Step 5: Weigh the possible alternatives and choose the best possible solution
    Step 6: Implement the solution
    Step 7: Measure the Results

    Neither of us is currently on coaching staff or really in a position to affect change and that is frustrating for both parties. I think personnel decisions (specifically alternative quarterbacks) and offensive philosophy (specifically zone read and option) should be on the table as possible solutions – considering the team has 4 victories to date.

    What I’m saying is: I have been in the business of problem solving in life or death situations when my military team could not afford to go 9-3, 8-4, 7-5. I have lead teams of over 400 military personnel (with help from outstanding Senior Enlisted folks, who were quite a bit older than me by the way). I have had had to console airmen and their families in very real problematic life situations (not just athletic events), I’ve rated annual performance, assembled teams, recognized outstanding members/accomplishments more than I can count; and regretfully had to end a handful of military careers along the way. What it comes down to is followership and servant-leadership. Again we are fans of the same football team from two very disparate walks of life. I’m not on the same team as you sports writers and neither of us has autonomy to direct change. But I think it’s fair to employ Socratic method in debates about the team which we love and possible solutions for the best way to move forward.


    Here’s where you lost me and I stopped reading

    “to me it just seems like unfounded unwavering devotion to a quarterback and every personnel decision by the current coach”

    I’ve called for Greene to play over Doege for exactly the mobility issue you’re talking about since game 1. Feel free to go back and look.

    However, since then several things have happened:

    First, Doege has proven to be more than serviceable when given time.

    And still he’s UNDEFEATED, when the Mountaineers simply rush for 100 yards as a team. 100 yards.

    Second, Greene in his chances has not proven to be enough of a passing threat that teams are keying with zero safety coverage when he comes in the game and shutting him down.

    Additionally, Coach Brown has noted several times that Greene has not run the plays they called and tucked and ran too soon when a pass was called.

    And while I’m still in the corner of if he got solid yards anyway, let’s keep rolling, the other side of that is that he’s not going through his progressions in the game, therefore not developing as a threat in the passing game, and that turns around and eliminates his additional threat running, because nobody has to defend the pass.

    Anyone can see that in game action

    From there, you must trust that the coaches make their decisions for what is best for this team.

    But comments like Brown is playing Doege because of some misguided family conflict is an absurdity that eliminates one from any invitation to food and drink







    BGDeuce, I think we are getting somewhere when we talk about Garrett Greene’s passing progression… my question for those of you who have the privilege of watching practice: how many passing reps is Garrett Greene getting with the ones compared to how many passing reps is Doege getting with the ones? That is the salient question IMO.


    Time for Greene to move to slot receiver or move on.


    Tylerite, the adults are speaking… move along


    You seriously can’t turn  your arrogance and condescension off, can you?  Maybe Tylerite didn’t remember all of your accolades when he posted that.  How about you remind him again.

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