Doege’s growth the last 2 games.

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    OL development is a HUGE factor in Doege’s development. No doubt about that. JD is much more in control when he has some time and today he had a lot of time. Only put to the ground once. No sacks.

    The biggest growth I see is he is able to hit players in stride. 5 over 20 yds. 1 at 19 yds. Last game he had 2 over 40. And he was accurate in the red zone. That hadn’t happened before.

    Until these two games he was frazzled in the red zone.  When hurried his decision making was questionable at best.  He just didn’t seem to be able to go thru the reads when he did have time.  He did miss a couple open reads this game, but overall we can’t complain with 370 yards and 30-46. Only 1 of the 2 TD’s were his fault.

    Seems like the game has slowed down for him.  Is this a result of the OL coming together?


    Has a lot to do with the O-Line improving their play. Doege now getting time to make a pla and look around. Still makes some dumb mistakes but they are less than before.


    I think that is part of it, Butler. When Doege is under pressure, that seems to give him the most problems (as it does with many QBs, to be fair). These last two games, he has had some cleaner pockets, and made some better decisions on when to run with it and when to throw it away.

    I know it’s hard to counter some mistakes, or to get over the “Here we go again” thought when one happens, but his is playing well. He doesn’t lead the Big 12 in passing by being a bad QB.


    Biggest improvement this week was being on target with his deep throws.  Hopefully he can keep that up.


    “ He doesn’t lead the Big 12 in passing by being a bad QB.”

    The haters will never agree with that!
    They will stick to the Yogi Berra mantra, “I’ll see it when I believe it”!


    There will always be the naysayers no matter how good he is.  That was evident with Clint and Skyler.  Both were excoriated during their time here.  Even though they were #6 & #7 passing yards for a single year in all time WVU QB’s.

    I’ve been a critic of JD because of his limited capabilities.  But Kudo’s to his development the last couple games.



    The limited capabilities that have been asserted on the board that I’m aware of are:
    No or limited mobility
    CANT throw the long ball
    Has brain farts of inconsistency

    Are there others?

    The question is, to the critics, what’s your solution to replacing the leading QB in the conference and more important, WHY? And WHO?
    Each must have some limiting capabilities? EXPERIENCE, for starters!
    If it’s one of these, are you willing to sacrifice the chance to win games vs, experimenting and getting them game experience?
    And they WILL lose in this scenario!
    And would the reason to play them be to get them (which one) ready for next year?
    And are you guaranteeing they will be back next year?
    Some have been saying they can’t wait for the new guy coming in!
    Whew, it’s pretty clear!

    Hey Doege, better not miss any long ones next week!
    Then you will be regressing!


    One of the biggest issues I see with Doege is he doesn’t seem to have the football intelligence to scramble, step to give himself extra time.


    EVERY QB looks better than the offensive line does better. Doege has a very good game under stressful situations from opening kickoff to final horn. I was in Section 105 so I saw one play where he threw to his right with a crowd when Leddie Brown was alone and unguarded on the opposite sideline for a guaranteed TD. But nobody is perfect, including me and anyone who disagrees with my post. Almost 400 passing yards is incredible. Interception for TD was poor choice, too. But even Purdy, an exceptional QB, has his uh-oh moments, too. I can’t figure out why Iowa State put EVERY receiver in the end zone in the same small area. There were so many bodies for both teams there. If Cyclones had spread out their tall timber receivers from sideline to sideline in the end zone there wouldn’t have been a concert-sized crowd in one area. Glad they did, though, because it would have been almost impossible to catch the ball with a dozen arms flailing around. 


    Hey Doege, better not miss any long ones next week!
    Then you will be regressing!

    Doesn’t have to hit ALL of them.  Some is a must.  And doesn’t have to be a Grier type 50 yd drop it over the defender’s head hit his guy on the dead run for a TD.  Just a few well placed 20+ tosses to keep the D honest.


    “ Doesn’t have to hit ALL of them. Some is a must.”
    It’s amazing that he is tops in the league without not already having done just this?
    Deja vu all over again?


    He hits more than we give him credit for.


    Doege’s growth the last two games has been fairly straight forward.

    The offensive line gave him time to throw the ball and go through his progressions.

    He’s got the ability, as long as he’s got confidence in his line.

    The line still has a long way to go, but in the last two games, they’ve been light years better than in the first six games.

    They also clearly spent a lot of time in the last three weeks working with SD on rollouts and keeping his eyes up field when outside the pocket.


    SD?  or SR.


    allen nailed it. it all starts up front on both sides of the ball


    As has been stated, as the o-line goes, so goes Doege, or any qb for that matter.. I’ll give him credit but there were quite a few unforced errors in previous games that couldn’t be blamed on the o-line.

    I would also argue that he is second in the B12 in passing because the running game is not great. We are currently last in the B12 and 31st nationally.


    It would be hard to name any qb that would be effective without good line protection! Anyone know one?


    Russell Wilson


    To answer your question Tony, a mobile QB can be effective behind a middling offensive line.

    Mobile QBs allow a team to roll pockets, use RPOs, and run the option.

    It puts pressure on defenses to defend the entire field and hampers their ability to just bull rush the backfield. It masks offensive line shortcomings.

    It works much better if that mobile QB can also throw. But a non-mobile Bernie Kosar-esque QB has no chance behind a middling line.



    QB’s that are not runners can still be effective behind mediocre lines if they have the feet to move in a pocket, read the D quickly and get the ball off fast. Ala Big Ben this year.

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