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    Does anyone else tire of Huggs going to the same script every year when we struggle? It’s always player’s attitude or “we just don’t make shots.”

    Granted Huggs’ results and resume speak for itself, but it’s just frustrating that he complains about shooting, yet never seems to evaluate if his system of how he practices contributes to that. The reality is these kids that come in as great shooters have never had to guard like this in their life. Over a full season, it seems to take their legs as bit. Some coaches will hide a scorer/shooter defensively, Huggs  won’t. With as hard as they guard, it’s the natural inclination to rest a bit on offense. I also think these guys are tentative and afraid to miss for fear of being pulled. You want shooters that play free and have no conscience. Look, I’m fine with shooting 38 percent if it means we have a defense that takes us to 20 some wins and a tourney bid, I just want to win, but let’s not act like it’s baffling as to why we don’t make shots. Huggs knows why. It’s not “getting in the gym” It happens every year. Hearing the same complaints of players year after year is tiring.

    I’m actually really enjoying this season. I just wish he’d acknowledge, at least in some small way, that as demanding as he is on the kids on the defensive end, is at times naturally going to lead to struggles with jump shots.


    I don’t think it’s a script for Huggins. He answers honestly, IMO. And it has been different in different years – a few years ago when he had a team that didn’t do a lot of practce on its own, he said that.

    I understand where you are coming from – some of the same themes get repeated during the season. However, I’ve hear him say “it’s on me” to fix it meay times.

    I agree that WVU hasn’t been a great shooting team over Huggs time here, but he has also coached some good shooting teams — recently.

    2016-17 – 45.4% from the field

    2015-16 – 44.8%

    2007-08 – 45.3%

    2013-14 – 43.9%

    All of those rank in the Top 43 all time at WVU


    I agree to a degree. Huggs is no spring chicken and relates everything back to the good ole days and teams led by guys like Kenyon Martin and Da’Sean Butler and EXPECTS each team to develop similar passion and work ethic. Without that leader he isnt able to push them enough in that direction.

    I suppose every great team has THAT GUY and it’s easy to see there is no alpha dog whose talent warrants that type of leadership role on this team. I guess McCabe has tried but he doesn’t seem to be that guy.

    It is troubling but something you really cannot force.


    Good points. I asked McCabe about people taking a leadership role down the stretch, and he listed the seniors. However, outside of Chase, I’m not sure if there is anyone that has a big enough voice in the locker room to do so — and you need guys who will take command on the court too.

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