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    Some have gotten too complacent with their natural talents, and believe they don’t need to work as hard for success. You cannot let your effort drop on the details.

    Talent is natural aptitude or innate ability. A lot of it is considered god given, as in you’re born with it. Talent represents the potential for great performance, but is meaningless unless recognized and cultivated.

    Effort is how hard you work how determined your attempt. Effort is the great equalizer because it’s man made. Effort is a personal decision, and it’s self-fulfilling. You can succeed without talent, but not without effort. Natural talent is no substitute for hard work. But hard work can compensate for lack of natural talent.

    Performance is based on how much skill you have and how much effort you put into the task. Skills must be practiced to be developed, and practice requires effort. If practice effort fails, your talents don’t develop into reliable skills. If performance effort is lacking, your skills are wasted as you fail to apply them to their potential. Every game is also a practice for the next one, it should be given 100% effort.

    These guys are not giving 100% effort. In games or in practice.

    by Benek Lisefski


    For we uninlightened, could you give some exact instances of lack of effort?



    KSU, TCU, Texas, Kansas.


    No effort or hard work to practice their skill set and try to rely on their own talents.

    oubt @ImJoshWhitt

    Unreasonable Doubt @ImJoshWhitt

    There are 353 teams in Division I College Basketball. WVU is 300th or worse in the following categories:

    3’s made (336)
    3’s attempted (304)
    3PT% (339)
    Free Throw % (335)
    Turnovers (308)

    WVU has won 19 games with these stats.

    9:54 AM – Feb 25, 2020
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    Wonder what would happen if they gave an effort?


    Hard for me to quantify either of the Kansas game as lack of effort losses.

    I also saw good effort for a decent bit of the Texas game, until the weight of missed shots began to crush spirits again.

    But usually, when teams give up, they get hammered in terms of scoring margin. That happened at K-State and at Baylor, but for most of the other games I felt like WVU was still in it and had a chance to win at the five minute mark. Maybe that perception is wrong.


    I don’t see a lack of effort in this team at all. Haven’t seen it any time this year (sans, perhaps the K-State road game). Can’t put a finger on it–don’t think the team nor its coaches can either.

    I’ll say this though–seems as if this team is practicing hard. VERY hard. At getting WORSE. With few exceptions–ALL coming from inside the Coliseum and the non-conference side of things early on, this team has somehow managed to REGRESS to where they were before even starting out. No better example of what I just pecked in is team FT shooting. It’s like a gun is being held to their heads, watching them chuck it up there like 8 year old girls. It’s disturbing to watch.

    There’s ZERO confidence from this team right now. NONE. And it shows, with the most awful display of basketball from any team from anywhere. T this rate, this team won’t win again this season. What’s LEFT of it.


    I’ll chime in with some insights on what may be happening having been through it on different levels involving athletics and competition.

    First Kevin is in part is correct with is statement “until the weight of missed shots began to crush spirits again”.  It is prevalent in all levels but more so with younger players experiencing this possibly the first time since being stars in their young careers prior to D1 and it eats away at confidence.  In saying this there is a more problematic situation that I actually found realistically described in the movie The Replacements when they talk about the quicksand  that refers to the more you try and struggle the deeper you sink into the problem.  It’s real and it’s difficult to escape and can easily.  From my vantage point this has been happening this season.

    Coaches aren’t necessarily good at fixing these problems quickly and this is where the sports psychologists  are most helpful.  In the 80’s I had many great discussions with Ed Etzel to deal with this particular situation and he was immensely helpful.

    This isn’t an excuse for what the team is going through, it’s just what I’m seeing as one of the potential explanations of what is happening amid all the speculation and theories being floated here and on the other site.


    Rips, I like your thoughts.  all teams struggle at some time.  It helps, when that happens, that the team has a leader who not only comforts and encourages the other players, but is one who can carry the load themselves for a while, take the burden off of the others and put it on their shoulders.  for example, get open for a big pass play, break tackles and make a long run, intercept a critical pass, hit a walk off homer or get a 2 out hit with the bases loaded late in a tied game.  Or, for another example, hit 3 or 4 3’s in a row in a tight game, make foul shots toward the end of a game so you are scoring when the clock is not running, etc.  This team does not have that player.  The 3 seniors are not talented enough to be that player.  Both of the juniors are brand new.  The rest of the team is a combination of not quite talented enough and not quite experienced enough, at least at this point.  I think Sherman could be that player next year, at least as a possibility.  others could be that player 2 years from now.  But we don’t have that player now.

    at least that is how I see it at this point.


    I don’t think it’s lack of effort of being complacent.  My view from the cheap seats is that it’s lack of discipline.  These kids are reverting back to playing on the NYC playground.  They aren’t playing like a team.  They don’t move without the ball like they need to.  They don’t pass enough to get the D moving.  When we drive we don’t kick it out to the open man and then make the second pass ….. maybe because we don’t move without the ball to get open for the kick out.  We are just playing 1 on 1 and trying to dribble out way to an open shot.

    I know that Huggs, Eric and Larry work on movement with and without the ball.  But it just seems like our guys get a major brain fart come game time.  Can’t blame all of it on being a young team.


    I think OP misread it. I don’t think it was lack of effort. It was a Zombie performance. I thing this team right now is just caught in a vortex of hurt and puzzlement and just doesn’t know how to escape it.

    No one really thinks the players don’t want to make shots, get rebounds, steal the ball, do you?

    But they’ve gone into a twilight zone that is paralyzing them. They have become the Barney Fifes of Big 12 basketball — not bullets in their guns — and they are just as puzzled, and frightened, about how to end this nightmare as we are.

    They have my sympathy, and good wishes. We have all had times in our lives when no matter what we did it only got worse. I have. And I can see it in their body language and their eyes that they are going through that now.

    They deserve our support, our best wishes because they are family. Let’s hope they wake up on Saturday and we find out it was a mirage and the Huggins Heroes Pitbull Defense that we loved most of the season has come back to life! I certainly hope so. We’ll all be happy. So will the players and Huggins (although he’d never admit it; it’s not his persona).


    I just see a general flow with the players without the ball on offense right now.  We don’t get a lot of assists as a team and not a lot of quality ball distribution on offense either right now.  You would think our PGs would have a lot more assists per game than they get, but that’s just not the case.

    On the flip side, the opponents WVU hammered at home are showing up at their place.  They’re hitting open shots, even some open low percentage shots.  Other teams key players are starting to take advantage of the flow and WVU has yet to match them on the road when that happens.

    Every time WVU would chip into the Texas lead and it seem like they would get back into that game, Jones and Coleman would drill a huge shot.

    Momentum is everything and it has shifted on both sides of the ball recently.  WVU has 3 regular season games left, and if they can bring their A game to snap out of this funk, it will turn everything around quickly.  If not, WVU will be limping into the post season.  Let’s see how this squad finishes with 2 opponents they’ve lost to on the road coming to Morgantown and 1 last road game against an inferior opponent.


    What’s driving everyone mad and I have to believe the team as well, the foul shooting just did not improve this year.  I was really hoping that would come around, but it just did not.  When Culver is fouled, it’s the equivalent of a turnover now.  In fact, if any player is fouled shooting and they don’t make their shot, it’s a high probability that’s now the right defense to make sure that WVU does not score.


    Practicing hard and practicing well are 2 different things.  Culver can shoot free throws from now until the end of time, but if he doesn’t correct his form, it won’t do any good.  He seems hunched over when he shoots.  But the example holds for a lot of guys.  Practicing bad form won’t improve results.


    Since I somehow don’t have the ability to quote or even cut and paste, I echo Cc’s thoughts with a “Bingo!!!”

    Keep practicing bad things, and you’ll get bad at, well, being BAD. Put enough “effort” into being bad, and it’ll not take long to get even worse.

    This team seems to be bankrupt of doing ANYTHING right. And that’s made it excruciating to endure as a “fan.”

    Personally, I think this team has won its last game this season…


    Actually there could be a big upside if they straighten out the psychological abyss and start building their confidence in themselves individually and as a team.


    Anyone know what our home and neutral court record is!?

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