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    Season not even over and head coaches are tumbling. LSU, USC, TCU, Va Tech, Grambling, and FIU. Sure there is more to come


    Used to be coaches fired at the end of the season. Things are changing. Coaches hitting the portal early. AD’s getting an early start on the recruiting process for the next best HC before the competition begins.


    Word is that Dan Mullen is walking the plank at UF


    Word tonight from my side of the country Texas is going to need a new coach


    I thought Sarkisian was a bad hire, but one year tenure seems ridiculous even by current standards


    Damn they are already paying a $15 million buy out to one coach this one would be another $21 million. Even with Texas money that can’t be easy to choke down. That kind of $$$$ is greater than many programs entire athletic Budget.


    That won’t happen after only one year!


    Big12 schedule will kill you!

    Put Cinci in that schedule!


    What kind of deficit spending will Texas do in the SEC?  They’ll be changing coaches annually when they take on that meat grinder.

    Hell, Oklahoma will be humbled in that conference.


    Oklahoma and Texas will be happy when they look at their bank accounts but miserable when they look at their place in the SEC standings. No free lunch no matter what you do. I’m happy with WVU in the Big 12, with or without Texas and Oklahoma although it was fun having one in Mountaineer Field every year.


    ESPiN is positioning the SEC to go out on their own and possibly drag the B1G and P12 with them to break away from the SEC.  This was a topic of discussion on one of the PGH  radio sports stations about a month ago.


    I presume this losing is hurting our recruiting and even as big as The Horns are it’s still has to be making recruits take a second look


    What you are seeing is the influence of BIG money…..They are no longer institutions of higher learning.They are corporations of athletics and higher learning, and all of them should lose their non profit status……. We could probably solve the national debt if we taxed universities the corporate marginal tax rate

    Sickening what college sports has became.

    I know I’m bleeding over into politics and religion.



    Your thoughts here are definitely in bounds. It all affects the amount of money available to the schools, and how they spend it on athletics is certainly free game for discussion and debate.


    Thanks.Sometimes the line gets a little blurred.


    I happen to agree that a school’s profit margin should be taxed.


    Maybe not the profits.  They can hide profit.  Best if they find another way to tax either spending or donations or whatever they can across the board evenly for every school no matter public or private.  University, College or JC.  For a group of colleges to have endowments that are collectively equal to the national debt is just crazy.


    Something both sides can agree on.  That’s amazing


    Read an article that it would cost WVU over $20 million if they fire the coach


    Hokie guy at the gym says their big donors want Beamer’s son.

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