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    a lot of changes are coming in the next several weeks. 


    Just read an article saying Kiffinmay leave Ole Miss. Why you say? Because he is a lazy recruiter and wants a brand name so he doesn’t have to work hardat building relationships with kids and HS coaches. LSU Florida or Miami are the latest. AtoZsports had an article along with bleacher report and state of the u.


    Gators say see ya to their HC


    RR in line for any of these openings?


    Well, I’d say I’d add those sites to the long list of trash that just writes something for a reaction. Dan Mullen just go fired at Florida, and one reason was that he was getting beaten in recruiting How’s that “brand name” working out?

    There are only a couple of schools that can get the majority of players they offer right now. Everybody else has to work, and work hard, at recruiting.


    Kevin, you correct when you say most coaches/programs must work hard at recruiting.  Sometimes we forget what a daunting task that is.  Even if a school finishes with a highly ranked class, it’s no guarantee it will translate to success on the field.


    Lots of openings are coming. I think schools especially those with top names are getting tired of spending huge amounts of $$$ and getting middle of the road won loss records. It both Football and basketball. They get all pumped up with a coach that are using smoke and mirrors promising it’s coming soon then they get an extension knowing some schools won’t fire them because they can’t afford the 40 to 50 million or more to get rid of them. So the school is stuck. Does any of this sound familiar???? Pretty sure we all know schools in that boat. So the fans and the press keep hearing it’s coming I promise then nothing.


    Lazy recruiting is a program killer. Period. If that’s really the knock on Kiffen then he won’t last long anywhere. Look at Texas for cryin’ out loud. It’s like they just buy into the star system without eyeballing the talent. Either that or there is the worst culture in college athletics on the campus… perhaps a combo?


    Hey Guys I have seen on about DH left the program with not a left in the barn so to speak .beginning to wonder what are now head coach. Apparently one of our coach’s Is up for the Troy job. after their HC was canned. His record is pretty close to Our coach.

    Lindsey was fired after going 15-19 in three seasons after West Virginia head coach Neal Brown went 35-16 overall and 4-0 in bowl games over four seasons at Troy. Did he know he left the program with an empty barn???

    he should have had couple decent seasons. I just really wonder now what management bought into. I think the horrible magic show is just starting.


    Are you drunk?



    This guy raped that school. He had to have been handed a hell of a team. He did recruit kids to make that record so it was handed to him. 3 straight losing seasons after that. Does anyone see that. Because most of those kids there not good at all.
    The Steve Miller Band made a song called Take The Money And Run. Change the word to Morgantown and West By God.



    You’re out of line, and that’s some of the worst logic I’ve ever seen on this board man.


    Sorry Doc.  Can’t follow your train of thought.  Was Troy left bare or not?  You don’t have 10, 11, 10 W successive seasons and 3 bowl W’s with a bare cupboard.  Not when you have most of your schollies filled unlike when Holgs left here.




    Oh by the way Vulash they fired a guy who has almost the same record as ours. Bet he didn’t get a contract extension and produce nothing for it. I think we need another Extension to make sure he knows you and others Trust The Climb. Say another 3 year extension. 😁


    Having the athletic talent is only half of equation.

    I’m willing to give Brown the benefit of the doubt, but if you don’t see significant improvements over 4 or 5 seasons. How long are you supposed stick with a coach?

    There are a lot of variables and each season presents it’s own challenges that determine success or failure.Add to that the portal madness and it becomes an even bigger crap shoot.

    Funny,before the Texas game,some,including myself,wrote this season off. And I still maintain even if we go 6-6 with a win against Kansas that it has been a disappointment.A win over a very average Texas team does save the season for me.

    With all of the conference realignment talk,I’m wondering how many of the talented recruits that Brown has managed to land will keep their commitment.

    Who knows?

    As WVU fans it seems the best we can hope for is one of those rare seasons when the stars are aligned. When the right coach assembles that special team.









    Can I get another extension for 3 more years. Trust the climb baby



    I slightly agree with you. I say the disappointment is beyond a win over Texas . so many people on here can’t see the forest for the trees. I can’t believe the smoke screen is this awesome.



    Did you leave your phone or computer on and someone got on and posted as you? Have no idea what the points are that you are trying to make.


    Basically from what I understand of his post.

    In a nut shell,Brown ain’t all that and WVU isn’t getting what they thought they paid for.

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