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    Rich left

    Rich left by choice

    Rich sought out ways to leave, not the other way around

    Rich gets no deference for being a native. He burned that bridge with rocket fuel.

    Everything you just said about Brown is pure spec on your part

    And rest assured, you want some behind closed doors you better pack a lunch.



    This may not be Neal’s “dream” job.  But if he is ever going to get to his dream job he has to do a good job here.  When you look at guys that did land their dream job even those guys ….. Kelly …. show that they can be persuaded by other dream jobs.

    Then sometimes when you force out a pretty good coach the school looks back and sees that they made a mistake.  Getting rid of a coach for the next best thing doesn’t always pan out.  Pitt FB coaching revolving door is a good example.  Look how long it took them to become somewhat relevant.


    I think Pitt has a good coach now.  He should look to move up the pecking order. First because he is a good coach and second because I don’t want Pitt to win.  Ever.


    BGDeuce how old are you exactly? You seem to perseverate a lot in your posts. Back to the main message and staying on topic… I’d like to point out you did not refute my point that a mobile QB helps open up things for Leddie Brown in the rushing game. I would much rather have a gamer/football player first/athletic QB like Skyler Howard share the backfield with Leddie behind a young offensive line. It’s a lot easier to rush for 100 yards as a team when your quarterback is capable of tearing off a 60 yard rush himself.


    Ccteam, enjoyed that! 😂



    It makes zero difference what you prefer

    It makes zero difference what I prefer

    Run for 100 as a team, Doege has never lost a game at WVU. Period.




    Okay BiGDeuche


    Just saw that Stoops is taking no pay coaching the Sooners. How damn wealthy are you when you coach for free


    Ooh, slayed me there

    Need a diaper change do you?

    Run for 100. Undefeated.

    Go back to gym class and leave the analytics to the adults


    Sorry Deuce just thought Stoops coaching for free was pretty cool


    Deuce…I think that you and I are birds of a feather in that we are competitive and passionate about what we believe. We be cool.

    Eugene….I do have a clue as to what I think about football. My take is, 5 years is plenty of time for anyone to develop. Another year does not guarantee success.I am looking at developing the next 3 to 4 year starter. I don’t want to spend another year waiting for Doege to develop.And then what? We are right back in the same spot 2 years down the road?…..No thank you…. I’m willing to take a few lumps to develop a solid starter for the future.




    Catfish, I hope the Mountaineers have their QB of the future enrolling in 2021. But, he will not be ready to be the leader in 2022. The Mountaineers have no experienced QB to lead the Mountaineers in 2022, unless Doege returns.

    I have watched Greene play QB, and I don’t think that he’s ready to lead the team in 2022. I also don’t believe that Brown would want to put all his eggs in a basket and rely on a three stars red shirt freshman to lead the Mountaineers in 2022. And, then what if one of those two are injured early, what becomes of the Mountaineer season?

    Note: I may be wrong, but I suspect the Mountaineers QB of the future may be a true freshman in the 2022 class. If that’s the case, he won’t be ready until at least the 2023 class.

    If he’s the man, the Mountaineers need a bridge to reach him for the 2023 season. I can’t think of a more capable bridge than Doege who knows the Mountaineer system, and the Mountaineer receivers.


    You need to stay in this century Eugene. As I stated I’m willing to take my lumps with a new QB.We are going to have to sooner or later.I prefer sooner.


    That wasn’t directed at you Doc

    And SI reports that Stoops will get a one time bonus of $325,000 to be interim coach.

    Not a bad gig if you can get it.


    Catfish, you’re willing to take your lumps in the 2022 season. But, since the coach is coaching for his bread and butter, do you truly believe that he should play the 2022 season with two unproven QBs?

    We’ve seen one play, and he doesn’t look ready to lead the team in 2022. We haven’t seen the other play who is a red shirt three stars freshman.

    We don’t know anything about him, other than what the coaches say. They have said that his passes looks good. Because one’s passes looks good doesn’t make one a good QB. What if he wins the job and is injured, what then?


    Why are we even talking about the 2122 season? None of us will be around to see it.


    I’m just gonna throw this here “-” out there since I’m pretty sure it’s meant to read “21-22” and people keep thinking it’s a 2022 typo.

    Edit: I stand corrected


    BG D, don’t know why I did that thinking 21st century and too often my fingers and mind don’t work together.

    Besides, I’ve read that we won’t see the year 2100. Everything is to end in 2070. Can’t remember who all believes that, but some of the greatest minds from the past.

    Of course, I have no clue how they decided upon that date since no one truly knows the date or the hour. So, I can’t believe they figured it out by applying math.


    I believe MSL posted a video of Greene against Oklahoma this year in this thread…looked pretty darn good to me.Injuries are a part of the game …the back-up will have to step in.

    I guess I haven’t made my position clear.IMO, we’ve ridden the Doege pony long enough.Time to give a fresh horse a chance


    We can play “what if’s” all day.

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