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    When I was younger, and kept season tickets to Mountaineer games, I donated regularly to MAC. Whenever there were special needs, such as band uniforms, I donated.
    But, in recent years, my donations have ended. I guess the reason being, I no longer receive donation requests.

    I think for those of us who no longer donate to WVU should, or begin again. I think that even donating ten dollars a month would benefit the school, and the athletic program. Of course, those of us who can donate more, should. For those of us who have a checking account with a bill pay option should donate through this option so we won’t forget that donations are important to the athletic departments health..

    Unfortunately, I no longer have the MAC address, or the numbers needed to put it on bill pay. Would someone who has this information post it. And, for those of us who no longer donate, do so. I think at this point in time, it’s necessary.


    Good morning. You can contact the Mountaineer Athletic Club either by their web address or call 1-800-433-2072. Hope that helps


    They always seem to locate me :).  I got a refund on my share of two season tickets last year, and I donated it back to MAC under the premise that I really didn’t miss it.  I have extra money, which isn’t often but it happens, I will write a check to MAC and mail it to the above address.  Brandon Cunningham is my contact at MAC.  I recommend that anyone who makes a donation should mail it care of him.  That will start a relationship with a particular person in MAC, which isn’t a bad idea if you later have special requests.  I’ve been able to get tickets to B12 BB Championship arranged through Brandon.  I do order season tickets annually and give in connection with those tickets.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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