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    WVU, think this is correct, has never won a national championship in any sport except rifle!
    Which begs the question, what exactly does the average fan expect out of the various sports teams? And what are the odds of it being ever done in some cases?
    A national championship?
    A conference championship?
    A winning season?
    A competitive team in relation to conference championships?
    An occasional “big win” over a top tier team?
    When we see and hear the “fire the coach” screamers, what exactly are they looking for?
    What is it that makes them feel good about their teams?
    And what are the consequences of not attaining their expectations?
    Are there time limits for the goals they expect.
    Are all sports equivalent in their expectations?
    Exactly what is it?
    Or can it even be defined?


    Been thinking about this is regards to my own expectations.
    And can’t really put a finger on it.
    Just been rooting for WVU for as long as I can remember!
    It’s almost.Ike it being game to game in all sports.
    Win, it’s good. Lose, it’s bad!
    Great to beat a top tier team! National recognition!
    It’s like being on a merry-go-round with the brass ring way out of reach!
    Don’t have any National Championship expectations!
    Not sure if even any Conference championships? Maybe faint?
    Kind of sad.
    From what I have experienced over many moons of following WVU sports, not sure that there are even any expectations from any administrators?
    But maybe it’s for the best.
    Maybe game to game is all we need for our fill?
    It’s like the good side of Alzheimer’s, it’s something new every day!
    Who do we play tonight?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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