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    The answer or solution to our failures in the first two game

    seems to be “winning one-on-one battles in the line

    and secondary, etc!

    This solution assumes this is a given!

    But what if we don’t have the personnel to do it!?

    Are we done?

    Most teams we will be playing this year will out talent us!

    We’re not going to over power anyone!

    Not this year!

    It seems that our game needs to be moved more to

    “Between the ears” to supplement are lack of brute!

    This is where scheming comes in!


    It’s not about winning EVERY 1 on 1.

    Heck I think right now winning ANY 1 on 1 would be an improvement. Perhaps harsh but…

    You can win games winning a handful of the battles, not winning all of them. Just win a few and that gives the coaches a chance to scheme. Lose virtually every one and it matters not what play is called.


    Offensive line is getting zero leverage at all positions of the line. They need to keep their heads up and get push from the waist up. You can’ block if your head is down or if you’re standing straight up. Either of those two will get you blown off the ball. This is what’s happening IMO.


    Good thoughts here.

    The o-line (And other blockers) have been either a bit short on aggressiveness or firing out so quickly that they are missing their opponents. Allen’s right on, IMO, with some of the technique issues.

    Also agree with mex is that it doesn’t take winning them all. Just enough to make the defense react and change tactics, and then perhaps the offense can dictate a bit with schemes on their side. I do think WVU has players capable of winning one-on-one battles.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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