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    Lost last 11 road games on opposing court
    Was 4-3 on neutral courts

    3-1 on neutral courts
    3 wins on opposing courts (Pitt,Youngstown, Ok st)
    Losses on all other opposing courts (7)
    Only home loss is Kansas – in 1-5 slide

    The tale of the tape definitely shows that there are two teams
    One at home and on neutral courts and one on opposing courts

    What say yee!?


    WVU has come out with less energy in a few of those games, but I don’t put all or most of that on effort. I do feel like for the most part WVU is trying. To me that just shows the difficulty of winning on the road.

    One minor note, I would call the Youngstown State win a neutral court win. YSU has played just one other game in its history in the Covelli Center. It counted as a road win in the NET, though.

    So if you buy my logic, WVU is 4-0 on neutral courts this year. MSG is a home court for St. John’s as the Red Storm plays seven home games there this year.

    But, maybe that shows WVU has a chance on the neutral courts in this postseason?


    The point of the heading was to illuminate the perception by some that our losing was due to lack of effort! And if that being the case, why do we lose only on the road? And have been doing so for at least two years in an extraordinary manner! It just begs the question, why, and  maybe needs in depth analysis!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we win the Okie and Baylor games!

    iowa st????



    As I posted in another thread, I just don’t see a lack of effort. Lack of concentration? Maybe. Then trying too hard when falling behind when they waltz in to an away arena thinking they’ll walk out with a 30 point win against an inferior opponent? Likely.

    The result? Bad basketball. Some of the worst in a season that has NO ONE as a clear-cut No. 1–let alone a group of them as is usually the case.

    Maybe unfocused is perhaps a better description. I really don’t know. At this point, I don’t think this team is capable of whipping their collective souls out of a wet paper bag. It’s absolutely the epitome of a Chinese Fire Drill………………………………


    Maybe the guys are like me, hate to travel!?

    it would be interesting, if possible to get open and honest answers, to sit these guys down for a group discussion about road games. What’s their fears, or anything they want to discuss or complain about, etc. Maybe have a session without coaches and have only “Alexa” as a companion?😎


    No way would they admit to any fears, even if they had them, in a media session.

    Now, a players only meeting? Maybe, but still there’s the thing about being tough and not appearing weak in front of peers.


    I posted a response to what Tony said about travel. And had done this before…but the posts keep

    getting delete.

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