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    With the last two blow outs it’s a blessing that we are only seen on ESPN+ so the rest of the country that doesn’t subscribe to this fledgling streaming network didn’t have a clue how badly we played.  The 11 pt differential at the final gun wasn’t indicative of how poorly we played.  So, Thank You ESPiN+ for putting these two blowouts on a network that has minimal viewers.


    Sorry, not a blessing if you’re in all the way and do what is necessary to get the games, win or lose. I went too many years where I was located in areas I was lucky to find the score. Still paying what is required to watch all eers play.


    Not sure if “Blessing” is the right word but shedding a good light
    on the situation in a political type analysis would be that it was
    clever planning by whomever at WVU agreed with these games
    on ESPN+! Than goodness that the only people seeing this fiasco
    are Big12 fans, and probably only WVU and Baylor ones at that!
    Friends and relatives of we WVU fans around the country that
    normally would tune in are gone! Their only exposure, as was
    mine, were the “low-lights” on Sports Center or other media!
    And the agony of watching Mathews and others running and
    jumping to try and block 3-pt sharpshooters from the corner
    Is mystifying! Guys are spotting up in the corner and we’re
    backing up close to the lane in help defense? Where are the
    per centages in that? Moss in the Kansas game and Butler in
    the Baylor game turned the game into runaways! Coaches
    can’t see this!?


    Once again, WVU has no control over what games the league or ESPN decides to put on ESPN+.

    As for open shooters, if WVU (or any team) can’t prevent striaght-line drives, it has one of two choices: help on the driver, and leave someone else temporarily open, or let the driver go to the basket unimpeded. I would say the percentages favor forcing a pass and not allowing uncontested lay-ups and dunks. WVU did not play well defensively in that regard.


    Of course I disagree!
    The results speak for themselves!


    Point being ……. NOBODY (except for the few hard core fans the paid for ESPN+) saw the last two games.  Little was said on the sports networks about the L’s.  We weren’t embarrassed in front of millions that would have watched if on ESPN.  No doubt ESPN would carry #3 vs #14 and #1 vs #14.  Those games would be one of the premier games of the day.

    But….. thanks to the wizardry of the master negotiator Bowlsby, we were seen only by the faithful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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