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    Was wondering how he has looked in fall camp?  Not much talk about him.  He had limited snaps last year but I liked what I saw of him.  I thought he looked fast and I’m wondering if there was any consideration of moving him to safety?  He would have good size as a safety.  Only a RS soph so he still has time to get himself onto the field but without any mention at all it seems his chances may be slipping away.


    He started out as a safety, but is now at the will LB. In this defense, that position has some safety-like responsibilities, so I think it’s a good fit for him. I think he could play the spear if need be, but I think WVU is really good there with Stewart and Raines.

    Watched him some while keeping an eye on the LBs during one of the 11-on-11 sessions we watched. I thought he was solid and got to the ball pretty well. But Chandler is in front of him, and he’s competing with Lindsay for reps. I think we’ll see him on some special teams, but  wouldn’t discount him just yet, although he looks like a backup for this year.

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