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    ‘Fake Starter’? Fighting Words To WVU’s Jordan McCabe MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Jordan McCabe has heard it. Sometimes he’s tuned it out. Other times, the c
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    McCabe has a high basketball IQ and gives it 100%. Huggins knows this and has said so himself. I’m glad he’s a Mountaineer! Keep up the hard work!


    I’m going to try to strike a balanced post. McCabe is a talented, smart, developing player who I believe has  tremendous potential.He hasn’t came close to realizing that potential.I have often questioned the decision of starting him and then benching him abou 5 to 10 minutes in never to be seen again. With Huggins I believe it’s a learning process and he’s the HOF coach not me. Having said that, the criticisms of McCabe’s performance thus far this season are not unwarranted.As far as the personal attacks on his character. People who resort to those kinds of things have bigger personal problems all their own.


    Start with the obvious, the team is 15-3 so no player is dragging the team down.

    McCabe, as a leader, adds things that go beyond the stats.  He has the talent to improve the stats.

    Certainly there are valid criticisms of his play but it is clear he works hard and adds to the team.


    My biggest issue with McCabe was his defense. Whether he was fundamentally bad, overestimating his own ability/quickness or whatever he just couldn’t stay in front of his man.

    That seems to have improved.

    On the offensive end he relegated himself to launching from deep rather than driving and getting into a mid range game that not only helps him out in terms of scoring but opens things up for everyone.

    I like his current trajectory.

    If he can be a guy that gets 8pts, 6 assists, a steal or two and limit the TOs then we will be in great shape down the stretch.


    These are definitely fair discussion points, and it’s ok to critique play. It’s just when it swerves into the personal attacks or unreasonable statements that I have problems.

    I do like the way Jordan seems to be handling this. If he can get to Mex’s numbers, that would be really big. I’d take a six ppg average, 3-4 assists, with the limited TOs being the biggest thing. Probably 15 or so minutes per game?


    Any points are a positive. Jordan brings other values to the team. Floor leader and motivator being 2 of them. His assist would increase if those whom he passed to would actually make a basket.

    Personally I like the combo of Jordan at point and McBride at the two. This is seldom used perhaps for a reason. When you have 6 really good guards it’s hard to shuffle the minutes for them.


    There is no doubt that Jordan is the best floor general at PG that we have.  There is no doubt that he is the best passer on the team.  Unfortunately some of his passes are fumbled by the receiver either because they have stone hands or because they just don’t anticipate the pass coming.  There is no doubt that Jordan can shoot the ball and unfortunately there is no doubt that he is in a supreme slump from the floor.  And there is no doubt that he has some limitations on D because of his size and foot speed.

    That being said, he still is the best true PG we have on the team.  Others can drive the paint better and put up better numbers in the box score, but they don’t come close to moving the O the way Jordan does.  If we were getting more production out of Emmitt and Jermaine we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

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