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    The Mountaineers are 14-point underdogs in today’s game at Kansas. Tipoff time is 4 p.m., and the game will be televised by ESPN.


    Here we go.

    For basically the first time this season, I look for a TEAM effort. And that’s all I’m asking for…


    WVU starting lineup: 01
    J. HALEY
    L. WEST


    To wit, just got off the phone with a KU grad that moved back home (40 miles from Lawrence, from D.C.) and said that there’s a snowstorm there that kept him and likely others away from the Phog.


    Emmitt Matthews gets first start of his college career.


    The women won


    Interesting Haley/Knapper combo to start.


    Anyone notice that the KU players are absent their names on the backs of their jerseys? THAT’S what I said WVU needed to do a couple of months ago!


    Knapper with the first foul.  Let’s see if he can make it thru the 1st half without getting 3.

    Gordon in for Culver.


    Not the best of starts. Three turnovers in the first four minutes,


    Culver missed his first 4.  All close in.  Sounds like he’s getting hammered.


    KU wearing 70’s uniforms in honor of their coach and team of the time.


    Knapper for 3 and the lead.


    We are just chasing the ball.  Not playing our lanes.   7-6 just turned into 7-15


    Lamont needs to sit for a while. Ridiculous shot attempt.


    Missed shots lead to easy points by KU. Culver trying too hard 0-4 so far.


    Kansas moving the ball well.  6 Kansas players have played.  All 6 have scored.


    Trey Doomes on the floor for about 10 seconds, throw the ball into the fifth row and immediately gets pulled.


    Culver/Routt on the floor at the same time.


    Taevon Horton in the game, and WVU also playing two bigs — Routt and Culver

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 51 total)

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