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    Zac Cuthbertson is the Chanticleer to watch tonight, and the player WVU must contain. Will Lamont West or Emmitt Matthews get the early defensive call?


    Tonight’s officials: Dwayne Gladden, Bill Ek, Jim Bruno


    If Lamont West is called upon to shut down Coastal’s top offensive threat, I’m worried.


    If WVU wins tonight, it will not know its semifinal CBI opponent until after midnight, when all of the quarterfinal games are completed. The semis are reseeded at that point.

    WVU would play on Thursday the 28th, as the women’s hoops team is at home on Wednesday the 27th.

    Brown and Loyola Marymount play the final game of the night starting at 10 p.m. ET.




    WVU had by far the best attendance in the first round of the CBI, and there’s another respectable crowd here tonight. Topped 5,000 for the first game, might end up being close to that tonight.


    Where is Culver?


    That was my question – what’s up with Culver?


    Ugh Culver did what?

    "Confidence is a lot of this game or any game. If you don't think you can, you won't. "

    - Jerry West


    Culver did not start. He’s dressed and on the bench. He’s done something to draw Huggins’ ire, but I’m not sure what.


    no volume what did he do?


    Link to game?



    Huggins isn’t looking at Culver, and he doesn’t seem interested in putting him at this point. Maybe the second half?

    Students chanting “We want Culver.” Doesn’t change Huggins’ mind, though.


    Tony just mentioned something to the effect that Huggins was not planning on playing Culver tonight.

    Not sure if he was told something or is just inferring something.




    Word reaching us that Huggs is saying Culver will not play at all tonight.


    WVU looks tired and without Culver, the Mountaineers are struggling on the boards. Coastal Carolina currently outrebounding West Virginia 22-21. CCU leads 36-25.


    Come on man, get it together young man

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 67 total)

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