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    this 5 out is hard to guard when they can hit it from 35 ft.


    Sags hits the front of the rim on 3 shots.


    JC passing up a wide open 3 from the top of the key. WHY????


    I like the fact Sags has developed a 15-foot jumper, but he can’t settle for that shot only. Needs to get inside.


    We’re starting to turn them over. Making them play faster than the want to..


    That was no over-the-back on Sags… some questionable calls early. WVU handled the Marshall adrenaline rush, didn’t panic, and now leads by 3 at the under 8 timeout.


    WVU has to keep the defensive pressure on the Marshall ballhandlers. Now that it is rattled a bit, don’t let the Herd get comfortable.


    I don’t think the foul there was on Sags. I think they called it on Teddy.


    I was wrong. Was on Sags.


    Konate showing his power…..


    WVU has a huge advantage on the offensive boards. Have to continue dominating there.


    BOOM!!!! SAGS!!!!!


    They can’t handle our pressure. We are making them make bad passes. Lobs that should be easy dunks but bounce off. Passes to the stands.

    They are just throwing it around without knowing what they want to do.

    That’s what pressure does to an offense.


    Harris and Williams both in locker room going thru concussion protocol. Advantage WVU.


    Rolling now boys… keep it up!


    Arena looks like it’s packed.


    Got to keep the pressure. Missing chances to go up 25.



    Charge on Esa. That’s ok. Shows he’s fighting. I’ll take that any day from Esa.


Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 63 total)

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