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    Scoreless for 4 minutes and Huggins finally puts the right rotation on the floor


    Deuce overplaying out front.  Got beat to the basket a couple times and the kick out or hand off resulted in scores.

    Our shooters can’t shoot tonight.


    We need three ball handlers on the floor at all times: McBride, McNeal, Sherman.  Bridges and Matthews are interchangeable playing the 4 and Culver is the man at 5 with Osabuohien spelling him only when absolutely necassary… why Huggins does not start with this rotation and keep it on the floor as much as possible is inexcusable


    Derek getting beat up in the paint.  They are collapsing from all sides.


    Different sport, but as a fan… this feels like RichRod’s WVU-Pitt Game


    Girards last shot was from about 32 ft.  Ice water in his veins.


    nice slash by Emmitt.  3 fouls now on Dolezaj


    Nice close out at the end of the half.  Cuse lead down to 6.


    MSL, McCabe has to play some mins to give Deuce a break.




    Why play two fours with Culver (Bridges and the slight Matthews)? We need three perimeter shooting guards to stay outside and when they double Culver… name of the game is penetrate, get inside to Culver and immediately get back behind the 3 arc… when they double him – kick it back out for an open look at a three.  This has worked for McBride.  We need more of that – adjustments better be made at halftime.


    Hopefully Bridges will take a couple of the shots that he passed up in the 1H. He got the ball at the rim and passed it instead of taking it up.


    Butler, the scoring drought of playing both McCabe and Osabuohien for four minutes is inexcusable for a couple reasons.  McCabe cannot defend or penetrate.  Osabuohien cannot score under the basket.  Huggins effectively neutered our offense for 4 minutes with that poor personnel decision.


    MSL, fair points. Bridges and Emmitt can shoot the 3, though, and they also give a bit better target on the high post. (Agreed that Taz can pop in there too.) But they have to make those shots when the get the ball at what used to be the bottom of the key.


    Not sure where Taz’s head is but the first half he’s not in the game. 3 turnovers that were absolutely awful. I hate that 2-3 zone. Its always gotten into our heads! Let’s go Mountaineers! Play hard the second half and stop turning the ball over.


    Kevin, when Culver gets doubled inside, Matthews and Bridges have more of A tendency to get sucked in (and boxed out by the 2-3) and go for the rebound.  We need to penetrate and kick back out against this 2-3 – full stop.


    Still only playing 2 guards and unable to outflank the 2-3 SMH


    Finally 3 guards but he takes Culver out


    The decisions WVU is making with its passes continue to be highly questionable. AM not crediting the defense for this.

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 91 total)
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