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    indicative of our frustration that there has been zero mention of a former favorite son coming home this weekend.

    I’m afraid Gibby’s unit will look awfully good come Saturday.


    It will be an item in this week’s Chalkboard compendium previewing the game.

    But, I do think that it will be overrated a bit. There were some questions about it at Tuesday’s presser, but the current players were mostly dismissive of the topic. I would suspect they had been coached by the sports info staff to avoid the topic, no matter what their personal feelings are about it. Many comments of the “I’m more focused on us and what we do this week.”

    I do think that the players understand the business aspect of it, and don’t view it as any sort of personal issue.

    Does Gibby want to win this game? Sure.

    I’d also note how the reality of fans’ feelings about Gibby changed once he left. He got more criticism than any other coach, including the head coach, while he was here, yet as soon as he leaves it’s nothing but bouquets. Did going to NC State make him a better coach?


    My biggest critique of Gibby was that he tended to get tentative with his calls at crucial times.

    When the music got loud he chose not to dance with the girl he brought to the dance.


    I thought Gibby was a good coach with a good plan.  However, after getting used to his defense Big 12 coaches could predict his situational tendencies.  Somewhat Mex’s assertion.

    Bottom line, coaches and hopefully the players realize they are responsible for the job they are doing and all relationships are discarded the first kickoff.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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