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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia cruised to a 66-0 victory over LIU Saturday at Mountaineer Field. Here is a look at how we graded WVU’s performance:
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    Giving tthe O a B is a little misleading when the feature back avg 1.5 ypc on 15 carries. But putting up 66 pts looks great.


    Also two of those early scoring drives required going for it on 4th down in situations we wouldn’t normally go for it.

    We continue to insist on throwing fade routes that almost always fail.  (I guess that’s more in the coaching grade).

    Sam James with another drop, and it wasn’t a tough catch.

    Agree with the rest of the grades but I wouldn’t give the offense better than a C.  I was encouraged by the play of some young guys.


    While Greene did get some playing time and ran well, his arm seems erratic. Scoring that much on this team isnt a huge feat and running backs were hit and miss. At times I am puzzled by play calling of WV. As much, the back field lack of progress and use of backs. If this team is to do well it starts with the ground game and so far Im not seeing a lot of “wow” or even aggressive play. Are we that thin at RB?


    Backups had the advantage of playing against a tired Shark d.  Don’t think Greene could run circles around VT or OK defense.


    Greene could not run circles around VT or OK defense.  But he does make any defense honor the QB keep on the zone read, which Doege cannot do.


    Well, there’s one place Greene’s getting run down. With fans like this, who needs the enemy? Anyone got something positive? Hope he’s not driven to the port hole by fans and coaches!


    I didn’t realize this was strictly a ra-ra place and kind of thought we could speak what we see and think. The article itself embellished on positives and some areas where improvement is needed. Open forums like this allow people to express both positives and negatives. I doubt Greene saw anything here that he hasn’t heard from the coaching staff or in self evaluation.

    Im a relative new comer but have not seen extreme bashing or malice here. Maybe Im wrong but seems open dialogue is still legal.


    Ranger, agree 100%.
    Just thought the criticism of Greene had gotten a little overboard. Just my opinion, as well. From my perspective, for the little time he was in there, it was a positive performance. And how anyone can tell from that limited time, how would you know what he would do versus better compo? And as you say, a lot depends on play schemes and calls! As it does with Doege!?


    Criticism on his accuracy is a little misplaced at this time.  He needs a little more time to work with the 1’s to be more efficient.  Neal saying that he didn’t follow the script is a little more concerning.  But that could also be problems with the OL not giving him the time to work thru progressions.  The thing he does have going for him is that he can make plays with his legs.  That is something that Doege doesn’t have in his arsenal.

    I would hope that Greene gets much more time vs VT.


    Perhaps I came across as critical however, it was more observing than anything. Actually wanted to see him play more and work his arm kinks out, get used to the O line, and make mistakes.

    Like to have seen some more running back action. They UlI locked that up pretty well.


    I wasn’t criticizing either.  He played effectively.  Just didn’t think it was much of a test.


    I think we will be noticeably better in November compared to September across the board.  That goes for WR’s, QB’s, OL, RB’s and the entire defense including back ups.  Luckily for me that is generally enough.  And, if we turn out to be a whole bunch better, I will be happy as a lark.


    Comparing Greene to Pat White, as I have seen on other sites, is also premature. Skylar might be a better comparison if Greene proves he can make some long throws.  Skylar was good at that.  Greene hasn’t proved that yet.  He could still, but not yet.


    Greene seems much more mobile and athletic than Skylar. Accuracy and ability to execute plays as scripted will come.

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