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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – As chants of “SEC, SEC” wafted down from the Mountaineer Field crowd, West Virginia prevailed over Texas, 31-23, Saturday afternoo
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    WVU usually can handle a poor defense.   Kansas put up 59 on Texas.    Doege can be effective if given time.  However, to be a top level QB you have to be effective when under a rush.   That is why WVU is 5-6 instead of  7-3 or 8-2.


    Correct JAL. We should be 8-2. But I dont blame the 4 L’s on Doege. Coaches are setting a game plan that Jarret can’t execute.


    Maryland, Texas Tech were the two games that I was really frustrated with Doege.

    Baylor & Oklahoma State just hammered WVU, they were simply better across the board.

    We had the shots to do it against Oklahoma, that snap oh that snap!

    TCU, Iowa State, Texas – Doege performed well, Leddie ran the ball well.

    I see really only 2 games I want back, that’s the Texas Tech & Maryland losses.  WVU is better than those teams, they were just asleep at the wheel in half one vs Tech and were sloppier than a crunchy taco with nacho cheese sauce against Maryland.


    I would add Oklahoma to the Maryland and TT games that we should have won.  If a better game plan had been put in place we could be 8-3 now.  I don’t put the entire blame on Jarrett.  Most of this on the desk of the coaches that put game plans together.  First the OC for asking Doege to do things outside of his capabilities.  Then the D plans not putting enough pressure on the opposing QB.


    I’d give the offense a B.  Thank goodness we have leddie; he does more with a less than stellar o-line.


    Offense – B+ – Solid no turnovers, limited penalites, 100+ yards Leddie, Doege was disciplined even on some runs where there would be sacks and throwing the ball away when necessary.  Losing Ford-Wheaton for the second half was rough.  I will say that those major 3rd and very long conversions were super clutch.  Offense was clutch that fourth down call too.

    Defense – B-  – Solid, but the rushing attack of Texas gashed WVU at times which was a concern, however WVU defense did a good job keeping Texas out of the end zone for most of the game.

    Special Teams – C –   – Just cannot seem to kick it deep enough or tackle early enough, we give every offense massive field advantage which is a variable that’s been a crusher when you consider how close most WVU games have been this year.

    Overall – Solid win, WVU is one win from bowl eligibility.



    Defense had Young at linebacker and a true freshman at spear.  The 3rd corner as a walk on.  Given all that I give them an A.  Give the offense an A as well.  Time of possession said it all in this game.  It’s not always a reliable stat, but it was Saturday.  TX was really bad at QB which helped a great deal.  Agree with special teams grade.  Kickoffs are a problem that needs to be solved this winter. The pooch kicks worked sometimes. But WV needs to find a long ball guy.  It puts them at a field position disadvantage nearly every time





    The defense has had a lot of injuries and a couple of defections. They are doing the best they can with what they have. They made key stops at the end which is what their job is. Stats only mean things to fans. Possession and plays with productivity such as scoring is what coaches worry about.

    If you have a lot of plays then you’re eating clock. If you’re not scoring off those multiple play drives then it doesn’t matter. Yesterday they were productive.


    Agreed, but WV offense was productive on third down and in the red zone.  Why they get an A from me


    Just looked at preseason predictions from ESPN. their preseason predictions were one toss up game that could go either way, four wins and seven losses.

    So at this point in time, WVU has already equaled ESPN’s best case prediction. Depending upon the Kansas game, WVU will equal ESPNs best case, and if they win at Kansas, they will have exceeded their predictions.

    Before, the season began, most predictions did not predict WVU to win more than five games. So, the Mountaineers weren’t highly thought of before the season.

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