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    for those who have not seen, WVU defeated GW 13-2 today to finish the regular season 33-18 and 13-11 in league play.  WVU started out 0-4 in conference so for their last 20 games in conference their league record was comparable to any other team in the B12.  Teams like WVU start the season, because of weather and travel disadvantages, with the equivalent of one arm tied behind their back.  Didn’t help that their 1st 3 league games were on the road against the team that will finish either 1st or 2nd in the league.  Congratulations to the Mountaineer baseball team and coaches.  And good luck in the B12 championship tournament.


    Watched the 6th & 7th innings on line.  This team looked very good.  Should have played 2 today to make up for the missed game Fri.  Our bats were hot on Thrs and Sat with 10& 13 runs.


    Butler, the reason WVU didn’t play two is twofold:

    1) Don’t want to burn through another nine innings of pitching to get what probably amounts to a meaningless win, as GW’s RPI was so bad.

    2) By playing just the scheduled game, WVU now has Jackson Wolf available as a reliever for the early Big 12 games, or as a starter later in the week on his normal rest cycle.

    There are lots of decisions to be made in setting up the rotation for the postseason, when the potential exists for games on five consecutive days. Always up for debate as to how you do it, but not playing the doubleheader on Sat lets WVU’s staff be more rested.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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