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    On the Technical by Tate under 4 min, WVU up by 4, Huggs puts McBride at the FT line to shoot the T’s. McBride …… 66% FT shooter goes to the line to shoot the FT’s. WTF was Huggs thinking? On the floor at the time was Oscar, Derek, Emmitt, Jermaine and Miles. Derek is an 82% FT shooter. Even Oscar shoots it at 69%. Don’t the coaches look at the numbers? Why put your 3rd best FT shooter …… 16% worse than the best shooter on the floor at that time …… at the FT line when the game is on the line? And in due form, Miles misses the front end and drains the 2nd.

    THAT is my head scratcher of the game.


    Tell me about it, that’s the same think I said to the wife watching…”WTF was Huggs thinking?”


    Hi fellows(like minds)I thought the same thing, about Huggs FT choice. Strange eh !!!


    Add me to the unwashed masses. That choice had me going WTF.


    Technical fouls can be a little different with nobody standing there with you at the line. Maybe Huggins thought McBride would thrive in that spot. How many other players on the floor have experience shooting technical fouls?

    Culver is draining his free throws this year, the others on the floor at the time have been inconsistent. Maybe Huggins wanted to see the point guard in that position show us what he’s got in the clutch?


    With such a small sample size, percentages for this early in the season can be misleading.

    There’s no way I think Oscar is a better FT shooter than McBride, even though Oscar has shot a slightly better percentage this year.

    For instance McBride has missed the front end of a 1-1 a couple different times this year. Oscar frequently misses the first FT and makes his second on 2 shot fouls.

    If both guys shot a hundred FTs today, who would you bet on? I’m certainly going with McBride.


    66% vs 82% isn’t slightly better. And Derek has the most attempts … 39, almost twice as many as Miles 21.


    Clearly my response was comparing Oscar and McBride. In your original post you said:

    “Even Oscar shoots it at 69%. Don’t the coaches look at the numbers? Why put your 3rd best FT shooter“

    My point about sample size is shown by how few McBride has taken. Culver has shown a marked improvement at the beginning of the season, as opposed to last year where he was a mid 50% shooter.

    Even though he’s shown improvement, I doubt we are going to start inbounding to him in FT situations in crunch time.


    $10 says McBride finishes the season with a higher FT % than both Oscar and Culver.


    I thought the same thing when McBride stepped to the line … btw McCabe is money in the bank at end of game …. he comes in cold and knocks them down


    And McCabe did it again at the end of this game, just like he did at the end of the Wichita State game.
    I understand looking at the percentages. And yes, the coaches obviously do it, and may at the way the game is playing out too. In that regard, Derek played 31 minutes, far more than Miles’ 24 and with much more physical contact. I have to admit I didn’t think this was a strange move. I’m going to pick McBride, McNeil or McCabe every time over DC.


    I trust Huggins. McBride can pop in 3’s as well as anyone. Why wouldn’t he make the free throws in a clutch situation?


    Seems like he’s being prepped for future big games?


    Agreed, Mr. Moss.

    Also, I’m not saying the opinions of others are wrong here. You can definitely make the case for putting Culver on the line, especially while he is hot.


    I’d be hard pressed to call on DC for a tech FT. While he is shooting well now history tells us 82% isn’t the entire story.

    Beyond that consider the psyche of both. One seems more fragile than the other from my view. The fragile one was having a career game after being benched to start as punishment. Why risk that progress, positive motion?

    Build the new kid that certainly looks to be a potential go to player as the season progresses.

    If nothing else Huggs plays the psychology of the game as much and potentially as well as any in the game. End of story.


    Mex has a point. Huggins’ brash, old school persona leads one to forget the prodigious mental power in that head of his. After all, you don’t end up with those nice Latin phrases after both your undergrad and grad degrees by being challenged mentally.


    Maybe Huggins sees McBride as one of his best players when the pressure is on.


    What did he shoot in high school?


    He was 58/76 his senior year, 76.3%.


    All of this discussion is well and good. It’s just struck me that with Derek shooting the lights out he’d be given the extra perk. It’s not that he’s just making it at 82%, his stroke at the line is smooth. Man….. what a change from last year. And yes, if McCabe were in the game i’d put it in his hands too. Prepping McBride for the future? Possibly. But we need to win games today too.

    That being said …… when Shane hands me a $3.5M contract my opinion will be much more valid. Until then……

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