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    I’m not allowed to reveal my Heisman votes until after the award is announced, but was wondering who your selections are?

    If you would, provide your top three — that’s how we do it — and I’ll add my picks to the thread when the winner is revealed.

    One thing I wish we could change is the timing – votes were due yesterday, before the bowl games are played. That could have an impact if votes are close, and I’ve always had some tough decsions to make on including and ranking them 1-2-3.


    Joe Burrow LSU
    Jalen hurts
    I don’t really have a third one




    First, two thoughts:

    One, I can’t remember any other year that one team has as many legitimate contenders as this year’s Ohio State team does (as much as it pains me to say this).

    Two, I think there are a couple of others out there that were every bit as deserving to be in the Top Four (maybe more), that were left out.

    That said, my overwhelming choice is Joe Burrow. My runner-up is Chase Young. And since I’m required to throw out a third choice with what’s left, I’ll go with Jalen Hurts.


    Glad I don’t have to vote. Burrow does find a way to keep convincing me that he’s the man, though. As to the other two picks, in my mind its a dog’s breakfast. Many good to great players out there.




    Burrow by huge margin …. Hurts, Taylor

    btw I was a huge fan of Burrow watching him play football and Bball (D1 prospect) at Plans HS in Athens, OH. I thought we had a good chance at getting him; early on, only WVU and Ohio U seemed interested before OSU cam calling (to just put him on the pine)




    1. Burrow
    2. Hurts
    3. Fields
    4. Young


    Looks like it is Burrows here. Now we just wait to see how stupid the voters are.


    Burrows, Hurts, Taylor Been a Burrows fan since HS when he and his guys put 63 on Steubenville! They had a back with him that was outstanding. Can’t remember his name?

    Would love to see a matchup of LSU and tOSU with Burrows cleaning their clock!
    But Clemson will do it first!

    Not sure what the Heisman criteria is other than a most valuable award for a championship quality team? A great player on a bad team has no chance. And, as in the cases of Etieme on Clemson who hardly plays any forth quarters and Lawrence the same, or as in a split vote like Fields, Dobbins and Yoing on tOSU, it’s arguable that the it’s a crap shoot at best!




    My vote was:

    1) Joe Burrow
    2) Chuba Hubbard
    3) Chase Young

    The instruction we get as voters is pretty simple, yet there’s a lot of room for interpretation. We are told to provide three selections, first second and third, for the oustanding college football player in the United States.

    No mention of team achievements, although that has obviously been a huge factor for most voters. Paul Hornung at Notre Dame won on a 2-8 team, but the Irish factor clearly was a big influence there.


    Was it revealed where Hubbard finished overall in the final voting?


    He was eighth. I think he had a better year than Jonathan Taylor, who finished fifth.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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