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    OU, Texas asking about SEC

    No idea about any of this. But there would have to be a lot of adjustments to existing rights contracts and answers for the Longhorn Network and SoonerSports for this to happen.


    Do you think that there is anything to it?


    If this happens and the dominos start to fall, I’m afraid we will land in CUSA, as we don’t have the academic prestige for the BIG10, hated by the ACC, and burnt bridges with the American.


    Just click-bait to get readers, viewers or listeners. Been going around for years. I fully expect to watch Texas in Mountaineer Field November 20, Oklahoma in 2022, Texas in 2023 and Oklahoma again in 2024, assuming I’m above ground and the Grim Reaper didn’t come calling on me. I only go by what I see on the field. Everything else is just idle chatter to get us through boring baseball season to glorious WVU football and basketball seasons! 


    Why would they want to go to the sec?
    Maybe the Security Exchange one? 🧐


    I don’t think the SEC would want to add 2 teams that typically are major blue bloods as far as football. The lower end of the SEC has a greater number of votes than the upper end. Mississippi, Miss State, Missouri and other don’t want to make it even harder to compete in conference. It would be better to expand the Big 12. Teams that come to mind. BYU, Boise, Air Force maybe rob the PAC 12 or Arizona or Arizona State. Even Colorado or Colorado State. If they did leave then the Big 12 would be relegated to A MAC level conference. From a logistics point CUSA or American make more sense as we would have games that would develop regional rivalries and adding WVU to either of those conference’s would give more power to their conference. No matter what I think the Big 12 like the Defunct Southwest Conference would be gone. I am also not sure what advantage it would have for those schools to go to the SEC


    SEC has its eyes on a couple ACC schools in NC and VA. New markets for them. They ready have aTm in TX and would ratger have East coast than OK.


    Makes me long for the days when schools could thrive athletically as independents


    We have never won anything of importance so who cares where we land, just send the ck


    check is bigger in a P5. That’s the difference.


    Unless TX is losing the Long Horn Network, I doubt this happens.   Texas has been number one in school earnings for some years.  So why would they want to change leagues?

    I also don’t have a clue if they would get the votes from SEC members for their admittance to the SEC.  The SEC doesn’t need more strong teams to make their bad teams appear even worse than they are

    TX A&M would vote against Texas, and probably would vote against Oklahoma for SEC entry.  Oklahoma now receives a big haul of players from Texas, so A&M would not want to help them to get even more players.  Also, I doubt that lower level teams in the SEC would want more power schools that would make their records even worse.  I’m not even sure teams, such as Alabama, Georgia, or Florida, would want tougher opponents.   So, would either team receive the votes needed for SEC admittance?

    In the B-12, Oklahoma has an easier path to the championship game than they would in the SEC.   At the present time, Oklahoma earns more than the majority of SEC schools, so why go against the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, etc to reach the playoffs?  I’m guessing, but other than money, and for Texas and Oklahoma,, the money is not that great.

    So, I doubt that this change will happen in the near future.  But, I do believe that within 15 years a big change will come about in college football.   I think that conferences will dissolve.  I think the top 60 or so, schools will reform into new conferences.  I think this new football alignment will leave the NCAA.   Schools such as Wake Forest will move down to lower divisions.  I think that all conferences will  have some schools searching for new homes.

    My hope is when this happens, WVU will not be one of the schools searching and will be included in this new alignment.

    My thoughts are that 64 schools will be included in this new alignment, four 16 teams conferences, with two eight school divisions in each conference.  I think that would lead to the largest school pay offs for schools.


    I think there are too many hurdels for this to happen in the next year or two. But after the grant of rights commitment expires in 2025? Unfortunately, I can see this happening, and that leads to concerns for me about WVU’s future.


    When do the GOR commitments expire for the ACC?  That and the ACC Network were the things concerning a few teams on the fence to leave the ACC a few years ago.


    There would be lots of court battles, but my thoughts are that if conferences close their doors, I’m not sure that grant of rights would be a legal option.

    Grant of rights are with conferences, not with schools.  If there are no conferences, I’m not sure that schools that are not included in the new alignment would have a recourse.

    I’m not sure that they would win if they sued the conference leaders or the conference, for again, the leaders are not the conference, and if the conferences disbanded, who would be sued?

    There would be lots of legal battles, and those bringing suits would probably win token amounts, but not in the amount to keep the new alignment from happening.




    I would love to see EIGHT 8-team conferences that would grab up the 64 best teams in America, divided up geographically to make it easy for fans to travel to road games. Then have the champions play for the national title. Or both conference title game participants for a 16-team awesome national playoff. No committee showing bias. Just settling it on the field to get into your conference title game and then settling it on the field for the national title. It would make every conference battle during the season to qualify for the conference title game so important. Interest would be sky-high. I don’t know why they just don’t implement my plans. College football would be so much better off for it. Too much common sense to work, I guess.


    I suspect that when, or if, new conferences are formed they will be regional.  Four 16 member conferences with two divisions each would be the same as having eight eight team conferences, but 16 team conferences would be easier to manage.

    I would love to see WVU in a division with VA. VA Tech, MD, Pitt, TN, Kentucky, and either Cuse, or Louisville.


    Eugene I like that region you came up with


    That conference would be the Good Ol’ Days back again.


    Dream on guys.  WV gonna be lucky to survive this


    I hope if tbis happens we find a conference that we won’t fall into obscurity like UCONN.This being said, I hope that Oklahoma and Texas love traveling to Georgia one week then South Carolina, Tennessee etc.. Currently longest trip is to WVU every other year. Not just the stars of Oklahoma, Texas, and Iowa! Enjoy your frequent flyer miles and much more difficult schedule…I really worried about the last couple of shake ups. Not this time. Just going to watch and wait. I hope they get what they deserve….money greedy… You can imagine the rest….

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