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    Unfortunately, you could be right about WVU surviving due to the small population of the state, and also the difficulty of reaching Morgantown from most other locations..

    The Mountaineer leaders are doing all the right things to keep the Mountaineers in the hunt to keep them relevant after any conference changes.  Let’s hope their efforts are rewarded


    Didn’t Missouri and Texas A & M leave the big 12 to get away from Texas?


    A&M did without question. Missouri was more for the money, but that had to be a bit of a side benefit.


    So why would they vote for Texas joining the SEC?


    Unless TX and OU can bring big bucks to the SEC and convince a number of their haters that it is for the overall good, I’d bet there are a majority of SEC Pres’ that would vote against bringing them in.

    OU brings a new market. TX overlaps with aTm.  I’m sure with the current Championship Playoff system that Bama, LSU, UGA, Auburn, UF would not want that type of competition for the 2 slots that they take every year.  And I’m sure that the bottom tier would not like those two taking the top bowl slots every year and shoving them further down the line.

    Then you have to look where this runor all started from.  HOUSTON.  Is it a back door media play by Houston to put some doubt in the mind of the Pres of the B12 that the conference will survive?  Would that doubt sway the B12 elite to expand in anticipation of a defection?  Get the B12 to 12 or 14 teams just in case the top guys left so the stability of the conference would still be intact?

    This is something to think about.  Look what happened when the inept governing body of the BE was so naive that they let the FB side collapse and took down the most dominating BB conference in the country.  I just don’t think that Bowlsby has the mental capacity or hutzpah to convince the B12 Pres to keep the conference together if TX or OU decide to bolt.  He certainly doesn’t have the force to keep TX or OU in line.  It’s the tail wagging the dog.

    If you look what happened in the ACC a few years ago, they had a very good Commish in Swofford that was able to keep teams in line.  On the cusp of Miami, FSU and GT (??) ready to bolt he pulled things together and tied them up for years.  The jackwagon the B12 has for a Commish isn’t that powerful …… or smart.  JMO.


    I certainly doubt its a back door media play considering Big 12 officials met to discuss this and OU and UT declined to join.


    One of the huge things holding WVU back is the Morgantown airport. All visiting teams land in Pittsburgh and WVU charters out of Bridgeport.


    As if College Football Playoff expansion and name, image and likeness rights were not enough to shake up the sport, another round of conference realignment appears to be on the horizon. Texas and Oklahoma intend to announce their decision to leave the Big 12 in favor of a move to the SEC within the next “24-28 hours,” sources tell CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd.


    Kansas and Iowa State meeting with Big 10 now.


    I have to check geography but I do know the the Big10 use to have something in their By-Laws that said if they added teams the teams in question state must touch another state that’s in the big10. Not sure if that still a thing but it was brought up before during expansion.


    It greatly surprised me when I read that only Texas A&M voted against those two teams joining the SEC. I thought that a number of bottom feeders would have voted against that happening, and two or three of the elite also voting against that happening.

    This will give the bottom feeders an extra loss or two. And,it will make it more difficult for the elite teams to win the conference.

    I guess it’s all about the money, although Texas has been number one in money earned for some time. I doubt the Longhorn network will survive under the present conditions. Texas will lose that fifteen million dollars a year income they receive from that venture.


    Well now. Can we buy our way into the ACC? SEC not an option. B1G will prolly take 2 next best B12 teams.

    Or we are left with the AAC.


    I think snobbery alone will keep us out of the ACC.  Some of those schools seem to have elitist attitudes that cause them to look down on West Virginia.  I agree, though, that the ACC is probably our only hope to remain relevant.  I’m not going to keep harping on my theme that money/greed is ruining major college sports and, for me personally, making college sports less enjoyable.  The ACC dream has been around forever, but it never comes true.   Is there any hope that the remaining Big 12 teams stick together and invite 4 to 8 other schools to join us?  Or,  will the remaining schools take the “every man for himself” attitude, the attitude I find so disheartening.  We could still create a reasonably good conference if the other 8 schools hang together and add other quality programs.


    The pieces we’d be left with are quite a bit better than what we were left with in the Big East when Miami and VT left.   I don’t think the big 12 will survive,  however.   That’s a personal opinion and not based on any informed knowledge.

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