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    Carlik Jones of Radford. Getting a ton of high major interest, including WVU.

    Big South Player of the Year, 20 points, 5.5 assists per game this past season. All conference first teamer the year prior.


    So he’d have 1 year of eligibility?


    That could well be THE missing piece. Put him alongside Miles at the and we have a guard combo that can do it all.

    Only question is can he defend and the answer is he must be at least as good as what we have.


    So he’d have 1 year of eligibility?

    Yes, 1 year.  Here are his 3 year stats

    32 33.0 48.8 40.9 81.4 5.1 5.5 0.2 1.4 1.8 2.3 20.0
    31 34.2 46.3 24.7 75.8 5.2 5.8 0.1 1.7 1.8 2.7 15.7
    36 30.4 41.3 30.5 76.7 3.9 3.1 0.2 1.1 1.6 1.7 11.8

    Improvement year over year in FG% and a HUGE jump SO – JR year in 3pt%.  And he can make FT’s.

    Numbers look good.  Questions are can he play D, is he a PG, will he be one of the top 3 G’s on this team?  If he’s not projected to be at least the 1st G off the bench do you use that schollie there or on another position?  Will he be better than at least all but 2 of Deuce, Taz, Kedrian, Jordan, Sean.

    Will he push Deuce and Jordan for starting PG time or is that why we brought in Kedrian?  Is he a better shooter than Taz and Sean at the 2 spot?

    Then…… Will Huggs look to play more of a 3G set than his traditional wings? Matthews and Bridges at the 3 for 20 min each look pretty solid.

    Derek, Oscar, Gabe, Cottrell at the 4/5 for 20 min each look solid.

    This team definitely needs a ball handler that can slash and hit it from deep.  Just sayin that the competition is different at this level as we’ve experienced with JC’s getting used to it in their 1st year.

    I’ll say it again.  What this team lacked last year was 1. Spacing, 2. Movement without the ball, 3. Passing including total ball movement.  It may start with the G’s but it has to include the Bigs.  Can’t have two bigs with a foot in the paint most of the time.


    Actually, yes you can. And on a number of actions, you WANT your two bigs to have a foot in the paint a lot.


    I think Kedrian and Carlik are similar players. The difference being that Carlik has proven he can play at a high level in D-1 and Kedrian will have to prove he belongs coming up from JUCO.

    If Carlik can be a pass first, low turnover guy I would be all for it. With our scorers, we don’t need a lot of points out of our PG, just someone to run the team, dish assists and NOT turn the ball over!


    Deuce plays much better off the ball so I would rather he not run point for this team.


    Deuce plays much better off the ball so I would rather he not run point for this team.

    Oh, Jeff.  Saying that may just be blasphemy.  I wholeheartedly agree but may not say it out loud.  Combination of Jordan, Kedrian, Carlik at point.  See who gets the job done.


    After his first year, agreed that Deuce wasn’t a polished point, and that WVU needs at least one other guard who can run some offense, penetrate, dish, etc.

    One other thing to remember, though – I think we all tend to compare players early in their development to others that came before at the end of their careers.

    Jevon Carter also had to learn the point – he didn’t play it a ton at Proviso. There was also tons of criticism for Truck Bryant, JD Collins, etc., from early in their careers that dissipated as they learned and grew.

    I didn’t go back and look at playing time, but I would guess that Deuce played more minutes as a freshman than any of those guys?


    Actually  …..  McBride played the least min / game as a FR.


    Deuce 22.2

    JC 23.8  Only started a couple games when Juwan was hurt.  Ran Point only about 7 min/gm when Juwan needed a break.  Mostly 2G with Dax. BTW Dax started every game as a FR mostly because of his D at 2G.

    Truck 25.6  Starter after 5 games, split PG time with Mazz.

    JD 26.6  Starter from day 1.


    I am not saying Deuce is a horrible PG, but instead saying Deuce is a TERRIFIC two!


    Yes, I think this conversation is far more about having McBride freed up at the 2 while offering another ball handler.

    Then again JC proved that the PG position doesn’t have to be the old traditional role. Get the ball to a good passing big (Gabe?) around the foul line and then work off that. Kinda how Nate was used back then freeing JC to move without the ball which he did with great energy, effort and effectiveness.

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