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    ‘Horns Down’ Ruling Inconsistent You want one more reason why Big 12 officiating is infuriating? Here it is. According to Greg Burks, the league’s dir
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    WVU fans just need to come up with something that isnt “horns down” but means “horns down”  🙂


    What about Horns Up? Will that be considered a penalty?


    It’s TX getting their way again.


    Translation: If you use horns down, it’s a flag because you disrespect Texas.

    If Texas makes a mocking gesture toward WVU, who cares? Play ball.


    Why don’t we just give them the ole state of West Virginia hand salute instead.


    It’s not a big deal but laden with caveats posing as a risk/reward option.  The obvious risk is a 15 yard penalty and secondary risk is motivation for the opposing team and crowd if away. The reward is motivating your team and when at home motivating the home crowd.  The wildcard is officiating and deciding whether it is done to taunt.  Does a horns down after a touchdown among teammates taunting and is it taunting when you direct it toward your bench taunting?  It will obviously called if directed toward the opposing player, bench or fans.  The bottom line is how it is displayed and whether you piss off the officiating crew giving them reason to throw the flag.

    Edit:  Not knowing the actual decision and whether it is in writing or simply an understanding, horns up to an opposing player, bench, crowd, can also be used for intimidation and taunting and could be used effectively in certain instances.  It’s not the actual act of doing it, it’s the method used to send the message.


    It reminds me of forcing the refs to count the number of angels on a pin. It comes down to whatever the ref feels like deciding in the spur of the moment. Not the way a game should be called. Next: penalty and take away the score if you celebrate it!


    So we do 3 fingers up on one hand and 2 fingers up on the other.  WV. But in Morgantown, everybody in the stadium does the horns down. I certainly will. God bless West Virginia!  Go Mountaineers!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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