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    This basketball team showed some fight.  Won the Huggins Way.  Good to see it


    As Bob said, “This was my team tonight.” Meaning, blowing the lead against Marquette’s bevy of freshmen is not the way Huggy Bear wants his guys playing. I’m back to thinking this could be a special season. But a lot more exhausting for me that I expected after the first 2 games of this season.


    Defense won this game, still chuckling at Clemson putting 6 players out there to seal their fate.

    I hope we can develop some low post presence, we may need that option when low percentage shots aren’t falling.

    Curry going to the hole is a great weapon, he can finish, which means double help defense for the kick and splash.  Would like to see more of that with the right decision making.


    Even when we were coming back, we didn’t move well without the ball.  Dribble hand off was most of our passing.  We still didn’t have enough of the drive / kick out that we saw with Marquette or even Clemson for most of the game.  Clemson spread the floor very wide and straight lined us frequently.  For the most part it was 4 out with their big at the top of the key leaving nothing in the paint except for the driver.  Both teams got way too many open looks.  We just didn’t rotate well and they moved with and without the ball well.

    Our D won this game for us.


    Agreed Butler.  Defense won it.  They turned up pressure and the Tigers couldn’t handle it.  McNeil got hot and scored just enough


    The season is just beginning. Work on issues and it will get much better. I have great belief in Huggs. He is proven he can win time and again

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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