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    Huggins Wants A Return Of Press Virginia A year ago, West Virginia’s basketball team was like Groucho Marx without his mustache, Pete Rose without his
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    Last year we did have Carter and Sags.  Those are the two pieces we didn’t have this year and it showed.

    But…… This year we do have two guys that may be much better rounded players than Sags.  Carter is hard to replace, but think about this.  Carter wasn’t nearly the D player as a FR as he was as a SR.  His development was tremendous year over year to get him to D POY status.  We’ll see McCabe and McBride make improvements year over year.  May not be to the height of Carter, but we should see definite improvements.

    Interesting that nothing is ever said about Dax’s contribution to the press.  IMO his tenacity was just as good as JC’s.  His D is what earned him a starting job from day 1 as a True FR.


    Agreed that JC worked hard and improved his game across the board all four years. Remember, though, that he wa son the league all-defensive team all four years of his college career. He might not have been quite as disruptive and savvy that first year, but he was still miles better than anyone else at that stage.

    I don’t mean to live in the past, or run down anyone’s chances to improve. But his was on a level that very few players in history achieved defenisvely in college. To me, only Mookie Blaylock approaches what he did defensively. He was and is impossible to replace. You just hope that guys can improve some year to year, as you say.

    Would like to hear more on your thoughts of two guys who may be much better rounded that Sags. Culver is nowhere near him defensively. OT might be, and I think he can provde some shotblocking, but Sags was as rare in that area as Carter was in disrupting ball handlers. WVU could commit four to the press, double and jump passing lanes, because they knew Sags was in the back ready to erase shots. After a while, teams didn’t even challenge him. Can OT do that right off the bat? I hope so, but man, Sags was special in that area of play.

    Maybe I’m overcooking him, but I though Sags improved his offensive game tremendously during both of his WVU offseasons. I think we’d have seen that continue last year.  Again, I’m not saying that Culver and OT can’t improve their offensive games too, but I think they have a good bit of work to do to match Sags’ touch out to 15-17 feet, and even to the 3-line.

    Agree with you on Miles, BTW.





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