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    First pre season presser by Huggs.


    First time I’ve heard Huggs officially say Routt is on scholarship.  He’s been on scholarship since the beginning of June.   This was asked by one of the media guys.  Couldn’t tell who.

    Now officially only 1 more slot to fill.


    Well, we did tell every this about 3-4 weeks ago.


    As Greg has indicated on the Blue Lot, that last scholarship should be filled by the end of this weekend.


    Kevin, correct.  You did say that Routt was on schollie 3-4 weeks ago and you were emphatic about it.  But……this is the first time that the peons of the fandom have heard it from anybody in the Athletic Department.  Even as of last week there were media bobbleheads saying there were possibly 2 more slots left.  AND….. in the presser the question came from your friends in the media.  Maybe …… No, not maybe ….. they aren’t as close to the program as you are, but still.  It isn’t official till it’s official.  Huggs or Lyons would make it official.   Not that we didn’t believe you but it’s not official till it’s official.

    Same with Cambridge.  Even the true insiders sometimes get ahead of themselves.  Think KMJ.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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