I finally did it…. dancing with the Devil.

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    Yep, I thought I’d never do it.  But I caved like a little baby.  I swore I’d never pay ESPiN for their streaming service.  Swore I’d not give a penny to those barsterds at ESPiN.  Hate it that they force us to pay more to watch games that were always free.  Hate it that they put the best games last year on + to force the fanbases in the B12 to pay their price.  Then only $5.99 now 16.7% increase this year.  Who takes a 16% increase?  COL is running less than 5%.  Anything to get into your pocket for the extra bucks.  Hate ESPiN.

    Swore I’d never pay their ransom ……  but I caved.  Looking at the Basketball schedule if I wanted to watch most of the OOC games and 3 of the B12 games I had to break down and dance with the devil.  I feel dirty.

    On the other hand I just got to watch the end of the WVU Men’s Soccer game.  Header for a score at the 40min+ mark to go up 2-1 and for the W.  That was the 500th W in WVU Men’s Soccer history.  Congrats guys.

    I still feel dirty.


    Life is full of risk vs. reward choices. And there’s always a 2-hour shower. 


    Unfortunately it doesn’t wash away the stench of ESPiN+


    You went to the dark side. Unfortunately I did as well.


    As noted many times, they weren’t free. You were paying for cable or satellite. Unless you are referring to over the air broadcasts from the 1980s.


    Dirty Deeds …. done dirt cheap!


    Hey Even Stalin made a deal with Hitler in the beginning.


    Butlereer,  Having followed WVU sports since 1954, I saw the handwriting on the wall back in 2019, with regard to ESPN+.  I have every ESPN channel available via DIRECTV, with a total viewing package costing almost $200.00 per month……minus a few discounts you have to apply for every year.  (I currently pay $170.00 per mo. for DIRECTV………just outrageous!)

    Last year, my ESPN+ subscription was $49.99 annually, or $4.17 per month.  This year, my subscription went up to $69.99…….a 40% increase.  I KNEW this rip-off was gonna happen, and it will only get worse until fans become totally fed-up with it!


    There are other options if you are in an area where your Internet service is good. Several streaming services such as Hulu now include some of the ESPNs, and you can mix and match, to some extent, what you are paying for.

    That’s not going to change ESPN+ of course. And while their charges are going up, so too are many others (Paramount, AMC+, Netflix, etc.)


    I too surrendered.  I think I know now how Lee felt at Appomattox. I want to watch Mountaineer soccer, watch some women’s basketball games, and watch the growing number of men’s basketball games on ESPN Plus, so I humbled myself before the ESPN empire.  I do hate them, but reality is what it is.  (But, hey, now I can watch entire games on my phone instead of the 48 inch screen in the living room.  LOL).


    I’ve had an ESPN subscription for probably 15 years which gave me all the ESPN channels on my computer including +.  I think I’m still paying $3 per month.  It’s well worth it today since I can watch a lot of WVU sports and this year I get the bonus of watching the Sabres.  Watched the overtime loss last night of women’s soccer.

    Originally I got both print and internet, now it’s just internet for the price and it’s far more valuable since I can still watch WV when I’m traveling.


    Butler, what a shame!


    As noted many times, they weren’t free. You were paying for cable or satellite. Unless you are referring to over the air broadcasts from the 1980s.

    KK, Try to soft soap this all you want, but you are completely wrong in your thinking.  If you have a TV, you are paying for satellite or cable. ESPN & ESPN2 are included with almost every base package so you aren’t paying EXTRA for those stations.

    ESPN+ is an EXTRA cost no matter what.  Even if you go thru HULU, YouTube or any of the other streaming services for TV you STILL have to pay for ESPN+.  Just another way for ESPiN to dig into your wallet.  I’d rather pay for a B12 Network.  And maybe my cable service would carry it just like they do SEC and ACC at no extra cost.


    I will NOT contribute to the Devil, today, tomorrow or yesterday!  They’ve ruined. College Sports.


    Me too


    Watched the soccer game the other day.  500th W.  Watched Akron game.  Watching ISU FB today.  I’ll cancel at the end of Basketball season.  Put the lid on the devil till next season.  Wanna bet that the price goes up again?


    I think with the win, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made.
    Also, there’s more WVU there than there is on the TV channels.

    I was well satisfied with the picture quality during the game.


    I liked the announcers.  Female was pretty good.  Talked about the game and didn’t bloviate about all the crap that ESPiN feature announcers think we need to know.

    The color commentary guy gave a lot of good information but his delivery needed a lot of work.

    BTW, the WVU/Akron announcers were excellent.  TC Jr and Bake.


    Young Caridi did one hell of a job announcing on ESPiN+.  Hopefully they keep this team together for the other + games.




    Listening to WV vs ISU game on radio versus caving into The Devil, Classic!

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