I finally did it…. dancing with the Devil.

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    Hey Even Stalin made a deal with Hitler in the beginning.

    And how’d that turn out for him?

    Now I really feel dirty.


    I will pray for you Bro


    this may help.

    Pine Tar Soap


    All cool Butlereer. We gotta do what we have to do


    I rarely post, but had to on this one. You are decidedly wrong if you think you are not paying for the Disney family of networks and they are “just” included with your TV package. I work in the entertainment industry at one of the largest companies in the US. The contract cost to carry ESPN, Disney, ABC, and their associated channels is an  $18.99 PER month cost to the carrier for EVERY active base TV subscriber. At approximately 18 million TV subscribers you do the math on what we pay those idiots EVERY MONTH! People wonder why video costs keep increasing, here is a prime example.

    Remember, there is no free lunch, that cost is passed to the consumer. Then keep in mind the other network channels and their costs. I can tell you we eat the cost of some of them. Unless you see what is under the covers, you will never understand. This is exactly why they are doing direct to the consumer streaming. They want the money without the middle man. Then promise to do it cheaper. That’s because they can set the rates at any time, and as proven, increase them. In the end, it is all going to implode because it now costs just as much to go “streaming” as it does to have traditional cable or satellite TV by the time you piece it all together. The entire industry is in flux as each company tries to determine their true identity.


    Of course you are paying for every channel in your bundle. Thats not the point. These games were on ESPN, 2, U, FSN, ATT, ABC, etc in the past and included in your cable lineup. Your cable lineup that you were already paying for.

    Now we have to pay an ADDITIONAL charge to see just a few games. Extra 6.99/mo for a few games. An extra $6.99 for substandard announcers, second rate production. The whole lineup of ESPN stations average only around $9.00 to cable companies.
    6.99 for the crap you get on + vs 9.00 for the rest of ESPN lineup. What a deal. Just another way to get into your pocket.


    I understand and agree with what you are saying. Some do not get the contractual part of it. Honestly, I’d like to see the major companies force them to include the + streaming with their standard provider login.


    BGus I would agree with you 100% except I don’t agree that everyone pays the same rate. No business that I know pays the same rate as a competitor. Let’s say the base line is $19 a month competitor #1 pays $19 a month per subscription, competitor #2 has more subscription than number 1 they guarantee they will give that network a certain number of subscriptions whether or not they have that number. It’s a guarantee amount that they have to produce not the network. In what I have read Networks do similar guarantee to advertisers. They for specific event let’s say the NBA playoffs that the number of viewers will be a specific number if they don’t hit that number the advertisers get either a discount off what they paid or additional advertising at no additional cost. I work in a business and if someone comes up to me and says hey I got a deal for you. I guarantee I will take 25,000 of a specific product but I have to have a better rate than Johnson the street and he is only taking 7,000 from you he is paying $22 per subscription I am giving you 18000 more I need my rate to be at $16 per subscription. Then you negotiate from there


    I am unable to cut the cord even if I wanted to. I pay for Directv because our home internet situation is not conducive to streaming all of our content. My provider (Viasat) throttles down the Wifi after you surpass your data limit, similar to some cell phone providers. If I was streaming everything we watched, i’d blow through my data in two weeks.

    I’m counting the days until my Starlink dish arrives in the mail.


    Butlereer we still love ya Bro

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