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    Ok, so silly as it may seem….if this years squad had a starting offensive line consisting of Mozes, Page, Jozwiak, Bosley and Cajuste, all 100% healthy and in their prime, and our current starters as their backups, with no other changes to the team:  How many wins do we pencil in?  Undoubtedly my five may not be your all time five, so insert your own.  Question remains….how does that effect our win total?


    I like your five. But gotta find room for Richard Braham on that all time line! 😁


    I know what the answer will be before I ask, BUT, what group of all time backs would you put behind our current line” which begs the question, what is it that we expect out current backs in the grand scheme of things? Arguably, as a whole we don’t have any game breakers or guys that can run over you!


    Line only?

    7 to 10


    I will say seven, and that’s because there’s still the issue of the WRs, TEs, QBs, and RBs. Their productivity should increase some, but is there a guarantee that WVU will suddenly be able to get open, pass the ball accurately, and block on the perimeter?

    Tony, I think WVU has at least two RBs that can break tackles – Brown and Pettaway. The former is coming back this week (but will probably take a bit of time to get back into game shape), and the latter has shown that ability in the past.


    Also, not a silly question at all. I still maintain that the White\Slaton\Schmitt backfield made the offensive line in front of it look a good deal better than it actually was. Moses was a standout, no argument, but I thought the backfield dodged and bulldozed a lot of tackles.

    Although, I’d take Ryan Stanchek any day for his nastiness. The guy just mauled people. BTW, he’s the OL coach at Southern Miss.


    I have always thought that Charles Simms came to us at a time when we were severely in need of a feature back, and much like good ole numbers 5, 10 and 35, as you pointed out, he made a lot of yards with very little help from his line.

    It has been quite some time, and probably not since Pat, Steve and Noel left, that we had a guy that if given a crease, you knew he was gone.  Frustrated me to death watching Crawford get tracked down from behind so many times.

    We just need one of those Pacman slapping Winslow Jr. Moments.  That seemed to be, one of those “We ain’t your little Sister” break outs.  Rich Rod, for all his flaws, did have a way of getting his guys to play with an edge about them.  Read a great interview once with Mozes saying he used to have to go grab Pat and pull back to the huddle cause he would be standing there jawing with the opposing D-Line.

    Grier, Sills, Jennings and company sure were fun to watch but give me a team that lines up and looks right at you and says “We are gonna give him the ball and run it right thru the A Gap and there isnt a thing you can do about it” any day.  Sigh…..


    Bring Ryan home next year! Probably a pipe dream and not likely Brown will have coaches forced on (ahem, suggested to) him as was previously the case.



    Oh yeah, Stanchek, bad oversight on my part.  Nice kid off the field.  Parents own a restaurant in Cincy, if I remember.  Yes, give me five of him any day.


    Everyone has ignored the underlying question.

    All-time line in front of the rest of our current cast… HOW MANY GAMES DO THEY WIN THIS SEASON?


    Hey Mex, if Ryan cant be brought home, that ole boy coaching Glenville State’s O-Line wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all either.


    8 Games and we beat Oklahoma by just mauling them and limiting their possessions.


    Madrev, who’s at Glenville? Justice?


    Rick Trickett


    Wow, I did not know that


    He is listed on their site as Assistant Head Coach, Run Game Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach.  Not sure how today’s kids would handle his late night sled sessions and Drill Sergeant demeanor.  But a little toughening up wouldn’t hurt.


    While I am thinking about it Kevin….Rayshawn Bolden.  Wide Out who was unselfish and willing to hit you right in the mouth for a good block.


    While we’re dreaming.Just give me the ’88 team  and the ’93 team rotating every other series.


    rev, no oversight on your part at all. I admit I liked Ryan a lot, but maybe that was partially due to the onion rings at his parent’s restaurant outside Cincy. (I believe they sold it.) Best onion rings on the planet.

    Good call on Bolden!

    Back to the orignial question about number of wins. I think an outstanding o-line can help average backs look better, but great backs can make an average o-line look great.  So, that’s what led to my seven win pick, along with the fact that this was the only change proposed. Lots more issues with this team than the o-line.


    If my memory serves, didn’t Sam Huff play both ways at WVU?  If so, there was a man for the OL that would fight a circle saw with odds in Vegas in favor of him winning the bout.

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